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"Wonder Woman: The Truth Won't Set You Free"

Bound by several feet of her magic lasso, Wonder Woman kneels helplessly in a dark prison cell as she awaits her captors’ arrival. She hopes desperately that there is a chance she will be released from her bondage, but the more she waits, the less optimistic she becomes.

After several days, Wonder Woman’s captors arrive and open the steel door to her cell. One of the guards removes the tight cleave gag from within Wonder Woman’s mouth and pulls it down around her next, ready to apply it again should she become less than cooperative.

“Wer hat dich hierher geschickt?” One of the men says as she stands over his captive. Wonder Woman looks up at him and replies.

“Niemand. Ich bin auf eigenen Wunsch hierher gekommen.” She says.

“Du lügst! Sie werden unser Gefangener bleiben. Knebel sie!” The man replies as one of the other guards reaches down and reapplies Wonder Woman’s gag in between her lips. Wonder Woman scowls before being pushed down into her cell. The door is then closed, again locking her inside.

“Genieße deine Gefangenschaft, Mädchen. Hahaha!” The man says as her captors exit the area and leave Wonder Woman alone in her prison cell.

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