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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick update regarding in its current format (using the Webhost Wix).

As I continue to create and post more content, along with trying to find a new platform to host my images and stories, Wix has made their interface increasingly more difficult to post to. Moving things around, extremely slow load times, weird glitchy things happening with the website crashing. I have no problems with any other websites, but Wix constantly has issues. Not to mention, that their interface was never easy, quick or convenient to post to in the first place.

It’s just becoming too time consuming and tedious. I tried to post something to Wix a few weeks ago, and I timed it with a stopwatch. It took me nearly 35 minutes just to post a single image, preview and blog update due to the slow interface and constant issues. Considering that I am not making any money on Wix, I just don’t have an extra 35 minutes to deal with Wix each time I post new content, especially when Wix has been nothing but a constant headache from the start.

Wix is by far the biggest bottleneck for me to be able to post my content. I can schedule my posts on every other platform, but Wix I have to post in the moment because their designers apparently live in the Stone Age. I try to make everything uniform so that when I post to Wix, I post to the other platforms at the same time, but Wix is just pulling the other platforms down. It’s slowing down my production causing everything else to suffer.

With all this being said, I have decided that I will no longer be updating (on the Wix format) with new content or previews. I was willing to kind of “deal with it” over the last few years, but today, everything just came to a head for me. I’ve been working long shifts at my job, have little time for any extra curricular activities, let alone getting things done around the house. I wanted to post a ‘Bin’ image (The Bin - 14) because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t posted nearly as much as I want to recently. It shouldn’t take me more than 3 times the amount of time to post to Wix as it does the other platforms combined. That is just absurd.

I will still continue to post new content to Subscribestar and previews to Deviant Art, as well as search for a new platform to eventually take over the URL, but from now on, nothing new will be seen on the that is under the Wix umbrella. To those of you who have free access to the Wix platform, I am so sorry, but I just cannot continue to sink my time and effort into a platform that has caused me so many troubles and issues. Those of you who I consider close internet friends (and you know who you are) please do not hesitate to email me directly and I will gladly send you batches of new images after they are posted to Subscribestar and other promotional platforms like DA & Twitter (if Twitter continues to stay adult friendly, which it seems like it is not as of a day or so ago).

Even though I prefer the look of over the continuous scrolling nonsense of SubscribeStar, I am very happy to be able to close this door of my life and leave it far, far behind me. I already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and a sense of relief is washing over me just as I type this statement. For those of you who might also be creators in any format and are considering opening a website, please take a word of advice from me. DO NOT, whatever you do, use Wix as your webhost. I repeat, DO NOT use Wix as your webhost. They are literally the most difficult, stubborn, out of touch and clueless group of individuals on the internet that I have ever experienced. And that says something. Their prices are out of this world for the options and features that you receive, and then they like to change things on you so that features that were previously free and that you might have used regularly, now cost a monthly fee. Do you think you would be grandfathered into using these basic features since you had been using them since the inception of your website? Of course not. You now have to tack on additional charges each month. DO NOT use Wix. They are terrible and I am so excited and relieved to finally kick them to the curb and get them out of my life forever.

Thank you all for your continued support. I hope you enjoy the new content to come and I’ll be in touch soon.

Martin Martyr

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Oct 22, 2023

35 minutes? That truly is ridiculous. It's almost impressive how Wix have literally managed to go from bad to worse. So your decision is 100 % understandable. Good luck with finding a decent platform for your content, it deserves to be displayed properly.


Yikes!! Wix sounds terrible! And no sweat!! I’d rather you find a website/host that doesn’t live in the Stone Age and doesn’t give you a migraine every time you post. Happy Hunting, Martin! 🥰🥰💙💙


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