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"Pleading For Release"

Kayla kneels obediently, looking up at the Warden with doe-like eyes that plead for release. She lifts her mitted hands toward the Warden in a pitiful effort to ask to be unshackled from her handcuffs. The Warden just smirks with pleasure as the thought of the young woman completely in his control amuses him.

“Pweaphe Siw, wet phe ouph (Please Sir, let me out).” Kayla pleads from behind her large ballgag. The Warden just chuckles at his prisoner’s request and turns toward the cell door.

“Mo! Pweaphe! (No! Please!)” Kayla shouts desperately, but it’s too late. The thick steel door slams shut just before Kayla can hear the sound of the metal bolt locking outside, securing her in for the remainder of her life sentence.

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1 Comment

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Oct 22, 2023

Oh, such beautiful eyes above a big black ball strapped in tightly — what a wonderful view!


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