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"Wardrobe Malfunction"

“Open cell A5!” You instruct as you point toward the outside of a closed and locked padded cell located deep in the basements of the institution in which you’ve directed for several years.

“Of course!” One of the orderlies you are accompanied by says as he grabs the keys from his hip, unlocks the large metal padlock and slides the massive bolt horizontally to release the door. He opens the door and inside your newest patient Whitney Taylor stands like a deer in headlights as if she had been caught doing something wrong.

Whitney’s arms are extended out at each side of her torso, far from where you expected them to be. Whitney had been committed to your hospital mere hours ago and under your instruction was ordered to be placed in a confining and inescapable straitjacket. The problem is, Whitney had been able to release her arms from it’s clutches and was attempting to free herself from it’s grasp.

“Get me Michaels!” You shout to one of the orderlies.

“Right away!” The orderly responds as he hastily walks to the entranceway of the cell block. This had been the third time this month Michaels had negligently strapped a young woman into one of your straitjackets, and enough was enough. You have an outstanding reputation to uphold as a leading asylum for female patients, and it was time for Michaels’ services at the institution to be terminated.

“Leave me with her.” You say to the remaining orderly who stands behind you in the hallway.

“Certainly…” The orderly agrees as you enter the padded cell. The door closes slowly behind you as Whitney begins to recoil in fear. She knows that you will not be so lenient with her and that the freedom of her arms will soon be forgotten...

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