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Arrested abroad for a crime she did not commit, Ashley Anderssen has found herself in a most inescapable predicament. Unable to defend herself or plead her innocence during her trial due to her language barrier, Ashley has been condemned to a life sentence inside a treacherous South American correctional facility.

Outfitted with a custom designed Siltex Restraint Suit, Ashley has spent the last several hours confined to a derelict prison cell and heavily restrained with seemingly no chance to escape. But a sliver of hope is bestowed upon the captive prisoner.

After a bout of struggling to escape her imprisonment, Ashley discovers that one of the prison guards accidentally left the door to her cell unlocked. Ashley remembers that her purse and it’s belongings, which includes her cellphone, are atop a rickety wooden table just outside of her cell and she quickly shuffles her way toward the table.

In a moment of desperation, Ashley nudges the table with her bound body and is miraculously able to knock her purse to the ground, dislodging the cellphone from the purse and onto the floor. Ashley’s eyes widen in shock and excitement as her heart begins to race with anticipation. She may not have to endure a torturous life of restraint and imprisonment after all.

It has been days since Ashley has been able to use her phone and it’s battery life could pose a potential problem. Ashley moves quickly as she wakes the phone by touching her nose to the screen. The phone illuminates, but immediately, the ‘Low Battery’ notification displays on the screen. Ashley’s heart begins to beat even faster as she now knows that time is of the essence.

Just as Ashley opens her contacts list, the door to the small room leading to Ashley’s cell bursts open and a team of armed guards surround Ashley and catch her by surprise.

“¡No muevas un músculo, prisionera!”

“¡Sosténlo justo ahí!” The guards shout as they each focus their firearms at the completely helpless and startled Ashley.

“Mmm!” Ashley screams from behind her gag as she looks down at her phone and sees that the battery has now completely died. Her one and only opportunity to escape this horrific life sentence has been ripped from her just as soon as it had come. Surely Ashley’s indiscretions would warrant a stern and strict punishment handed down from the prison’s warden. But what fate could be worse than a life sentence of Siltex imprisonment in a diabolical prison thousands of miles from the comfort of her home?

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 01, 2022

Oh, the amount of helplessness she oozes — brilliant!

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 26, 2022
Replying to

Her expression speaks for itself, not to mention the skintight Siltex and the heavy restraints... ;-)


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