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"Throwback Thursday: Keeping A Kardashian Locked Up"

This is an excerpt from yet another highly worked on, yet incomplete story from a few years ago. With most of my stories featuring multiple images, I tend to brainstorm tentative titles as I create the scenes, render some of the images and type the story. Sometimes the titles stay, sometimes they change. But with a story like this, to me, there was really only one title that worked; “Keeping A Kardashian Locked Up”. An obvious play on words while still getting the complete point across as to what would be happening in the story (as if there were any question anyway).

If you continuously follow my work, or even recently scrolled through the pages of, you might have noticed a single vignette image of the majority of the Kardashians entitled “Keeping The Kardashians Locked Up”. Once it was apparent that I wasn’t going to use this actual story, I decided to not let the good title go to waste. But in retrospect, it probably would have been better to just wait for a good time to release a better version of the Kardashian story as opposed to the Kardashian vignette image.

If you’ve viewed my story “Portrait Of An American Family”, you might find this story a bit familiar. In fact, this was the predecessor to ‘POAAF’ and kind of a combination of the two previously mentioned Kardashian tales. Basically, Kim is seen wearing some sort of sexy clothing as she is contacted by her agent to take part in a photo shoot. Since Kim regularly participates in photo shoots, she didn’t really think anything of it and agrees right away. After she arrives at the shoot some time later, she is asked to wear a skintight latex catsuit by the director. After a few harmless snaps of the camera, Kim is surrounded by a team of authorities and swiftly taken into custody. Kim is kept in heavy restraints in her jail cell as she awaits her trial scheduled for an undisclosed time. After several months of waiting, Kim is tried, quickly convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment as a special facility designed to detain female celebrities like herself.

At the prison, Kim’s latex catsuit is transformed into a Siltex Restraint Suit and she is adorned with a series of harnesses, straps and chains before she is locked away in her tiny prison cell for the remainder of her life sentence. As Kim walks the cellblock halls before she is taken to her own cell, she can see the mugshots outside of the cells of several other beautiful celebrity women, who too have fallen victim to the prison’s capture and imprisonment.

One of these days, I may resurrect this story, as it really is something that I enjoyed making and I think would be a nice addition to the site. However, I will probably start it over from scratch as I have created (what I believe to be) better Kim characters since this scene was created. I believe this was Kim 2.0 and I have since created a Kim 4.0 that gives a better Kim vibe in my opinion.

Anyway, let me know if this is something I should pursue in the future. I do have several other projects on the back burners, so it probably wouldn’t be for a while. Until then, I hope you enjoy this image.

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