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"Throwback Thursday: Absconded Ending"

Here is another image created several years ago for a story that never fully came to fruition. However, I really did like the idea and the premise of this story, so it might be something that I resurrect in the future, but with newer/better characters and techniques.

The title for this somewhat morbid story is “Absconded” and it follows a young woman who has been falsely convicted of several heinous crimes. She’s been sentenced to many, many years in a secluded correctional facility and shackled wrist, ankle and waist with her hands in prisoner mitts as she is prepared for her long prison sentence. While she is the sole prisoner being transported to the facility, the driver of the transport bus gets into a horrible wreck deep in the middle of the woods and dies from the injuries sustained from the crash. Luckily, our main character/female prisoner survives the wreck unscathed and is able to exit the burning wreck and maintain a safe distance before the bus explodes in a fiery blaze. Unfortunately for her, she is still fully shackled and dressed in her orange prisoner uniform as she begins to navigate the forest, hoping for a way out. After several hours of slowly moving through the forest with her cuffed and chained ankles, she is somewhat relieved to find a secluded home in a clearing of the forest and approaches, hoping someone is home that can help her out of her restraints.

After knocking on the door, she is greeted by a creepy old man who is mighty surprised by the gift that he is bestowed. The prisoner pleads with him to help her out of her restraints, and the old man complies. Little does the prisoner know that his deceitful promises are made in vain as he plans to keep the prisoner as his own. He escorts her to a back bedroom, still shackled and restrained where he attaches a chain to her prisoner belt and attaches the other end to a wall. He then cleave gags her and wanders off to prepare the rest of his home for his new visitor.

Living alone in the forest, the old man is rather nutty and has been devoid of human contact for many years. Throughout the majority of his time with his new captive, he keeps her locked up in her prisoner outfit and shackles and “pretends” to put her on trial for his own amusement. He often fashions things around the house to resemble the jail, courtroom and other judicial mainstays, including dressing up as a judge in a black bath robe and using a rubber mallet as a gavel to sentence his prisoner.

If you are a fan of my work or have been following me for awhile, you may notice that this image here in particular is reminiscent of an older image of mine featuring the wonderful Amber entitled “Amber Restrained and Robbed” where the lovely Amber has been stripped to her lingerie, tied, taped and chained up, cuffed, ballgagged, hogtied and chained to her bedroom floor after being robbed in her own home. This image resembles that in a way, but the circumstances surrounding our poor captive in this image are much different. This image takes place toward the end of “Absconded” where the old man has finally removed the prisoner of her shackles and prison uniform, but only to restrain her in a much, much more extreme predicament. He binds her in a small cage in the basement and locks her up heavily with no chance of escape. Unfortunately for the prisoner, she can hear a loud thud on the first floor above her as the old man has a heart attack and dies, leaving her heavily restrained in his basement. Since the bus exploded several weeks earlier, the authorities assume that she too met the same fate as the bus driver and don’t bother searching for her whereabouts.

As I mentioned, I have been thinking about creating a revamped version of this story with some better looking characters. Not that this character looks bad, but I think I have come a long way since first creating this image and I think I could do the story a bit more justice with a revamp.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jan 09, 2021

@Martin Martyr: You definitely should ;-)


Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Dec 21, 2020

@Mr. Metzger That image of Amber was the first real image that I thought "Wow! I can't believe the stuff I can do in this program!" I spent many, many hours building that scene and enjoyed every second of it. I'm considering revamping the 'Absconded' story with a new character, but I have a few stories that I am working on trying to complete. Many of which have a ways to go. I'm trying to get better at finishing my stories, because I have a lot that are started and have bits and pieces done, but then don't get finished. Hence all these 'Throwback images'. Today is Dec. 20, 2020 (my time), and as of right now, I have created…


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Dec 03, 2020

Lacy lingerie, stockings, mouth sealed airtight, ropes, tape, chains and a noose... that's almost too hot!

I do remember Amber getting a similar treatment. Actually, I think that image of her and an equally hot fellow in misery is what convinced me to become a supporter of yours. So, if you're thinking about reviving this project, I am all for it!


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