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"This Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 21"


Still handcuffed behind her back, Rachel begins to approach the lectern with the ‘assistance’ of the court Bailiff as he grabs Rachel by the bicep and escorts her to the front of the courtroom.

“Miss Rachel White?” The Judge asks as he looks down at his paperwork and then looks up at Rachel as she stands at attention.

“Yes…” Rachel responds as she stands with perfect posture, sticking her chest out.

“I assume the public defender went over your charges with you?” The Judge asks.

“Public Def… Wha.. No, I di…” Rachel begins to reply.

“Miss White, how do you plead?” The Judge asks as he rolls his eyes and begins to look down at his paperwork again.

“Innocent…I have nothing to do with that robbery.” Rachel says as she tugs on her handcuffs.

“Robbery? Who said anything about a robbery?” The Judge asks with a suspicious face. Rachel stands at the lectern and says nothing, befuddled by the Judge’s comment.

“If you didn’t speak with the Public Defender, then how did you know you were standing trial for robbery?” The Judge asks, a bit suspicious.

“Well, because the Officer that…” Rachel begins to explain but is immediately cut off by the Judge.

“Miss White, if you plead guilty to your charges, I can offer a plea bargain and you wouldn’t see more than 36 months in the county correctional facility, but if you maintain your innocence…” The Judge says as he leans forward and begins to stare at Rachel intently.

“But I REALLY am innocent. I swear. I didn’t do…” Rachel exclaims, but again is interrupted by the Judge.

“Very well then.” The Judge says as he taps his paperwork on his bench and sets it down in front of him.

“Miss Rachel White, I find you guilty on all charges.” The Judge says quickly as he sits back in his chair.

“Wait! What?!” Rachel exclaims as she leans forward.

“I’m ordering you to pay fines in the total amount of $120,000 and sentencing you to 25 years in the state correctional facility at Edgeland State Penitentiary.” The Judge continues.

“No, I didn’t… What about my trial?” Rachel asks, shocked at the absurdity of the proceedings. The Judge just continues as if he doesn’t hear anything that Rachel says.

“Upon completion of your 25 year sentence you will be required to perform a mandatory 2,500 hours of community service and remain on house arrest for the following 60 months. Is that clear?” The Judge decrees as Rachel leans forward. “You can’t do this! I’ll appeal. You won’t get away with this!” Rachel says in a determined manner.

“Bailiff, take this Prisoner away and ready her for transport to Edgeland.” The Judge instructs. The Bailiff firmly grabs Rachel by the left arms and begins to pull her away from the lectern. McKayla sits in fear as she watches Rachel get taken away quickly by the Bailiff. McKayla watches intently and inhales deeply as Rachel is brought to a side room off of the courtroom and the door closed behind her. McKayla turns forward to look at the Judge who is sitting with a devious smirk on his face already looking at McKayla, as if he was waiting for her to turn and look in his direction.

“And I can only assume that you are Miss Ellis…” The Judge says as he flares his nostrils and grins widely from ear to ear.

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