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"This Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 20"


“It’s… It’s him!” McKayla says with a shutter in her voice. Rachel looks over at McKayla, then back at the judge.

“Who?” Rachel asks with an ounce of worry in her voice.

“The man. The man on the street. The whole reason I’m sitting here in handcuffs.” McKayla says as she raises her cuffed wrists to Rachel.

“The judge? That’s the guy you were telling me about?” Rachel asks. McKayla just looks over at Rachel and nods slowly. Rachel slouches down into her chair and exhales a sigh of worry.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is…” Judge Cain says as he looks at the two defendants and stares at McKayla with a satisfied smile on his face. He adjusts his robe before sitting down in his chair. McKayla squirms as she tries to escape her handcuffs nonchalantly, but her arresting officer has them secured much too tightly.

“Let’s begin. Shall we?” Judge Cain states as he picks up the docket from the desk in front of him.

“Which one of you is Miss White?” He says as his eyes scan the girls back and forth. Rachel sighs again and begins to stand up to approach the lectern in front of her.

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