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"The Ungrateful Captive"

It took very little time and minimal effort for poor Ashley Anderssen to succumb to a deceitful ruse that tricked her into a life of bondage slavery. Easily and quickly kidnapped by her captor, Ashley now resides trapped inside of her captor’s rundown home confined to strict bondage and a thorough and silencing gag. Ashley’s succulent body is rendered completely useless at the hands of her captor with the use of a series of leather straps and harnesses while her arms and legs are each welded together inside of a matching armbinder and legbinder combo. The ends of each are attached to the other by a sturdy chain, forcing Ashley into a kneeled position. A tall and strict posture collar is wrapped firmly around her neck and throat, squeezing tightly and forcing her head to extend upward and her chin to raise at attention.

The clothes Ashley had been wearing prior to her capture have been scattered all throughout the room when she was stripped to her bra and panties. Atop the old coffee table in the center of the room, Ashley’s cellphone lay with the screen facing upward. Ashley shuffles over to her cellphone and tries to unlock it with her nose. She has just enough reach to be able to touch the phone, anymore and she’d be helpless to interact with the phone at all. As quickly as she can, Ashley brings up the phone’s calling app and begins to dial 9-1-1 using her nose and presses the ‘Send’ button.

The phone begins to ring and Ashley begins to exhale a sigh of relief through her nose. Within seconds, a woman answers the call and delivers her introduction.

“Red County 911, what is your emerg…?” The woman says, but before she can even finish her sentence, Ashley interrupts her and tries to plead for help.

“MMmmmph mmmm! Phmmphy Phhphp mmm!” She blurts into the phone’s microphone.

Hello? Who is this?” The woman asks on the other end of the phone.

“Mmmph mmm. Mmm phhhph uph!” Ashley tries to talk again, but nothing audible can be heard behind her massive gag.

“Very funny Miss.” The woman says sarcastically.

“MMmmph!” Ashley shouts into the phone.

“Miss, this is a recorded line and it is a felony to dial a prank call to a 911 operator.” The woman says while Ashley continues to try to be understood.

“HMMPH MMM!!!” Ashley screams into the phone from behind her silencing gag, but the woman on the other end continues to think that Ashley is not genuine in her call.

“Miss, I will not tell you again. I have your number on caller ID and if you call her again, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Goodbye!” The operator says before hanging up the phone.

“MMMMMMOO!!!” Ashley screams as the phone beeps three times, signifying that the call has ended.

Ashley begins to struggle in her restraints, hoping that one of the buckles or straps might come loose, but it does no good. She is strapped in far too tightly and far too securely. Her only chance is to get a hold of someone with her phone and somehow inform them of where she is, but that would do little good, considering that she doesn’t even know where she is. Ashley leans forward and attempts to make another phone call with her nose. Just as she begins to dial, she can hear the sound of the old floor creak behind her as footsteps proceed toward her. Ashley stops what she is doing and kneels motionless. Ashley’s captor clears their throat and Ashley tries to twist her body to look up at her newly gained owner. Ashley whimpers from behind her gag as her palms begin to sweat from inside the hot leather armbinder. The uncertainty of what punishment is to come has Ashley’s heart racing inside her chest.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 13, 2021

I LOVE the contrast between those heavy restraints and Ashley's lacy undies. The lighting's also very moody. Well done!

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much! Yeah, I often like to have some sort of contrast like that. As a recently told a prospective bondage model for a custom, "I'm a sucker for contrast" 😁


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