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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 17"


The sound of the door to the cell door flies open, startling both McKayla and Rachel. McKayla’s arresting Officer and a male Officer burst into the room and stand in front of the cell door.

“Alright you two. You’re coming with us.” The male Officer says with authority as the female Officer unlocks the cell door. McKayla and Rachel slide away from each other as the Officers quickly descend on them, unlocking their ankle cuffs that had been tethering them to the wall.

Each Officer unsheathes a pair of leg irons from their holster and begin to shackle the ankles of their respective detainees. McKayla and Rachel are then escorted out of the holding cell area to the hallway from which they came.

“Where are you taking us?” Rachel asks the Officers in a fearful manner. As usual, McKayla’s arresting Officer says nothing, but Rachel’s Officer is quick and eager to respond.

“The Judge is ready to hear your cases. You may want to get on his good side. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” The male Officer says as the quartet make their way down the long hallway.

“But, I haven’t even talked to my lawyer. How can you…?” McKayla begins to ask about the integrity of their trial but is interrupted when the female Officer forcefully shoves her forward. The chain from McKayla’s leg irons causes her to stumble slightly, but she is able to maintain her balance without falling forward.

“I’d keep quiet if I were you.” The male Officer suggests to McKayla. “You don’t want another charge added to your already growing list.”

“Growing?!” McKayla blurts out in surprise as she turns her head toward the male Officer who can be seen smiling with delight.

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