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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 15"


The Officer squeezes McKayla’s bicep and pulls her forward toward the jail cell. She opens the cell door and forcefully pushes McKayla inside. The Officer pushes McKayla forward and grabs her shoulders, insinuating McKayla is to sit down on the bench. McKayla turns around to face her back to the wall and carefully sits down on the bench. She looks over at the other woman who has already been detained and deduces that she will share a similar welcoming to the police precinct. The Officer kneels down in front of McKayla and grabs a steel shackle that is attached to the wall and cuffs McKayla’s left ankle into it, much like the other girl just a few feet to McKayla’s right. The Officer tugs forcefully on the chain to ensure that it is bolted securely to the wall, stands and observes McKayla in her helpless state, taunts McKayla with a rare smile and turns around to exit the jail cell, leaving a handcuffed McKayla and the other beautiful girl alone in the cell.

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