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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 10"


The officer runs her hands up and down McKayla’s legs, waist and arms ensuring that McKayla does not have any weapons or illegal paraphernalia on her person. The officer then forcefully pulls McKayla to a standing position by her collar and grabs her by the arm. She twists McKayla toward the back of the police cruiser forcefully and opens the rear driver’s side door.

“Oh my god. This is too good.” The rude business man laughs as he records the entire encounter on his phone for future viewing and bragging.

“Please, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to bump into you.” McKayla pleads desperately in hopes that the officer will let her go. But the officer is highly focused on the task at hand, and doesn’t say a word as she reaches up to the top of McKayla’s head and begins to push her into the back of her squad car.

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