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"The Haunted Asylum"

On a cold and dark evening in late October, Lucy walked through a creepy wooded area and came to a large abandoned building. Lucy entered the building and began to wander around, looking for the best possible spot to take shelter from an oncoming storm outside.

The floor was filled with scattered debris and many of the walls were covered in holes and torn wallpaper. Most of the windows in the building had been shattered and provided little protection from the potential wind and rain. Lucy walked toward a staircase and began to ascend the eerie steps. She reached the second floor of the building and started to walk around the hallways. She could hear the sound of a low thunder rumbling menacingly outside of the building.

Lucy entered a doorway that led to a small room just off the main hallway of the second floor. All the windows of this room were still whole, so Lucy decided it would be the best place in the building to take shelter from the storm. Lucy noticed that each window had a set of metal bars on them, likely why they were still in good shape. She glanced out of one of the windows and saw that the sky had been covered completely by the dark and thick storm clouds.

Lucy turned around and noticed a large, full length mirror with an old style wooden frame, the sole object inside of the room. She approached the mirror and stood in front of it with her arms at her waist. She fixed her hair a little bit and began to feel a cold breeze caress her arms softly. At first she thought nothing of it, but then turned to look around the room. All of the windows were still shut and there was nowhere for the breeze to have come from.

Lucy crossed her arms as she began to shiver from the cold air and the spooky circumstances that surrounded the breeze. She turned back around to look at herself in the mirror and noticed that the reflection of her in the mirror began to transform. Lucy’s eyes widened as she tried to understand what was happening. She looked down at her body, but everything appeared to be fine. She looked back up into the mirror as the reflection continued to morph.

Slowly, it appeared as though Lucy was wearing a thick canvas straitjacket with the words ‘Parkview Asylum’ written across her chest. She attempted to move her arms, but the debilitating fear left her paralyzed, as if she were actually secured in a confining straitjacket. A thick muzzle-like panel began to manifest over Lucy’s mouth and face in the reflection of the mirror. She tried to scream for help, but nothing but a muffled whimper emerged from her. Lucy began to question whether or not she actually was confined to the restraints she saw in her reflection.

Lucy stared at her reflection for a moment in pure shock. She examined the wardrobe that had her bundled into tight restraint, but ultimately questioned whether it was a hallucination or reality. A few moments later, an eerie specter began to manifest into the mirror behind Lucy. The being wore a long doctor’s gown, with a matching white mask and cap. Lucy could feel the sensation of two hands as they gripped her shoulders firmly, preventing her from trying to escape.

As the vision of the being grew stronger, it’s eyes began to glow a bright red as it grinned menacingly with a look of satisfaction and ill intent. Lucy’s eyes began to widen even more as the phantom became clearly visible. She tried to escape it’s grip, but something more than the being’s hands held her captive. Seconds later, a loud crash of lightning boomed outside of the windows and startled Lucy. The light illuminated the room briefly, causing Lucy to get a clear vision of the horror that was consuming her. She tried to struggle, but it was no use. Something in the mirror had her held tight. Keeping her confined through the restraints of her straitjacket and some sort of supernatural force.

Moments later, several startling bolts of lightning illuminated the room as the thunder roared throughout the building. In a blinding flash, the lightning pulsed through the room and vanished just as quickly as it had come. Everything in the room had also vanished, including Lucy. Only the mirror stood alone in the dark abandoned room as the storm began to intensify just outside of the building’s windows. After that fateful moment, no one had ever seen or heard from Lucy ever again.

The End.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 01, 2021

Ohhh I LOVE this concept!

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much! 😁


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