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"The Firsthand Exclusive - 3"

I slowly and quietly sneak up to the wall outside of Alan’s office and lean toward the doorway to get a better listen on what is being said.

“Alan, I am NOT driving ALL the way out there just for some stupid tip about a couple of missing girls.” Gail Stevens blurts out to Alan Edwards, the programming director here at the station.

“I’m the best anchor you’ve got, and if you don’t find me a better story than that, I’m going to return Frank’s call at Action 12 and take him up on that position he offered me. You know, they need an experienced anchor over there...”

Gail continues to berate Alan as I just stand outside the door and listen. She is an arrogant woman, and has been nothing but rude and condescending to me ever since I first started. Which is an interesting contrast compared to her onscreen persona as she appears kind, generous and thoughtful during her broadcasts. I can assure you, she is anything but.

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