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Sept. '19 Update

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to stop by and give my monthly update. Well, it's been one month since the launch of the website, and I would like to first say thank you to all of you for the continued support and for following me after the nonsense that I had to deal with at that other place. You know the one.

Anyway, I'd also like to say that there have been a couple of "growing pains" so to speak with transferring over to a new website. In case you aren't aware, this is all very new to me, so I am trying to learn as I go while still being able to produce and post new content. So, you may have seen a slight drop in the amount of content in the last couple of weeks, but that is only temporary as I am trying to learn the inner workings of how the website functions. One of the issues that I have come across is the cancelling of subscriptions. As some of you may have found out, there is apparently no way for you to cancel your subscription manually. This is not my doing whatsoever. Trust me, I want you to be able to cancel your subscription at will if you no longer wish to continue. As of right now, you have to email me and request a cancellation. This is something implemented by the web host that I use and I have been very vocal about in the past few weeks since I have found out that this is the procedure. I have received several emails already regarding it, and I am in the process of making them change this. I know that others who use this web host are on board as well. So, if you would like a cancellation, please email me using the form on the Contact page and I will grant your request for you. Please also provide your email address and username so that I know which account to cancel.

I have also noticed that there are some issues regarding the latest 'Kim' update. Some people have told me that they are getting a 404 message when trying to view the page that has the multi-angle images. I know that this is only affecting some people because there are 'likes' on the page, so that tells me that some people are getting to see it. I'm not yet sure what is causing this. My initial plan was to have the image in the 'Strict Sirens' gallery send you to the page itself, but unfortunately, the link there doesn't work because that whole gallery is setup to view a full sized image of whatever thumbnail you click on. Likely, I am going to have to create a whole new page that will house the 'Multi-angle' images if I can't seem to figure out why the links are not working. Like everything, It's a work in progress.

Another issue that has arisen regards PayPal. If you are going to use your bank card with PayPal, please ensure that you have enough funds in the account and/or that you have cleared the transaction with your bank. In hopes of keeping everything as confidential as possible, the website is billed under 'Martin Arts Inc.' so that your bank isn't seeing bondage this and bondage that. Trust me, I know how important it is to maintain your identity on here regarding this type of content. Plus, I figure that it kind of looks like 'Martial Arts', so if you needed to, you could say you were taking self defense classes.

Alright, enough humor for one day. I do have several emails that I need to respond to, so I will get to those as soon as I can. I will be a little busy today as I am going to a family barbecue (which I am currently late to), but I will try to get to them later tonight when I get back. I have several images ready to post, including a 'series' of sorts that I think is kind of cool. It's kind of a unique approach to my kind of work.

Thanks again for stopping by and here's to many more months of!

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