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"Prized Possession"

Sabrina had always had a thing for Raechelle. Ever since she first saw her at a local dive bar, she knew she had to have her. Not as a lover, but as a possession. Sabrina needed to own Raechelle, as a slave.

Naturally, Sabrina knew that she could never convince Raechelle to take part in such a distressful situation and lifestyle, so Sabrina cunningly devised a plan to trick Raechelle into certain captivity.

Now, deviously restrained and strapped into tight leather bondage, Raechelle helplessly resides in Sabrina’s basement dungeon, miles from any civilization and unable to escape from her confining restraints.

Sabrina visits Raechelle regularly to torment and tease her unwilling slave, but the majority of Raechelle’s slavery is spent in solitary isolation as she struggles to free herself from her constricting singleglove armbinder, leather harness straps and tightly strapped ballgag.

While Raechelle’s promiscuous lifestyle and willingness to attract a variety of lovers had led her into some kinky situations in the past, she had never anticipated a new lifestyle of bondage slavery and helpless imprisonment to take her captive and hold her as the most prized possession of her mistress and owner for the rest of her pitiful existence.

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