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"Plucked From The Dungeon"

It had only been a few hours since she had been captured, but several wealthy buyers had expressed interest in obtaining her for their collection of beautiful young women. She is chained by her collar and quickly escorted through the dungeon halls toward a viewing room outfitted with multiple live streaming cameras, a large screen and a team of guards and authorities.

“The bidding will start at $250,000!” The auctioneer states as soon as she is presented in front of the multi-angled cameras. “Do I hear 250?”

“I knew she’d be a high earner.” The auctioneer says quietly while the bids continue to increase.

1.7 million

2.3 million

2.9 million

The numbers raise and raise as the slave stands mostly nude and securely shackled, waiting to find out her fate.

5.2 million

The bids show no signs of stopping as the board increases dramatically.

8.1 million

After a long bidding war, only two potential buyers remain, Akimitsu Yakamora, a wealthy Japanese CEO and Elaine Bingham, the heiress of a large family fortune in the oil industry. Both were relentless in trying to secure their prize, but only one could walk away victorious.

25 million

“Hot damn! I knew she’d score big.” The auctioneer says as he approaches the director and shakes his hand firmly.

“Go ahead & box her up. Let’s get her out to Miss Bingham’s place ASAP.” He finishes.

“Pwease! Wet me ngo!” The slave says as she dragged off to an awaiting carrier crate.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger

I for one definitely think she should make another appearance ;-)


Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr

@Mr. Metzger Thanks! I thought those garters really did the trick on her. Didn't have a scene built yet, but I may do a bit of a continuation. ;)


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger

Definitely worth a fortune going by her looks. Great outfit! Love how the garters frame her nude crotch =) Will we get to see Mrs. Bingham unbox her newest acquisition?


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