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"Not A Moment Too Soon"

A terrible misunderstanding has found poor Ashley Anderssen in the clutches of a team of diabolical authorities and locked away in the world’s most horrific prison. Ashley was quickly tried and convicted of a plethora of felonies and taken away into the depths of the prison where she was imprisoned alongside her cellmate Emily Ellis.

Ashley was forcefully brought to her knees and chained to the inside of her new cell alongside Emily who had previously succumbed to the same fate; completely encased in a custom designed Siltex Restraint Suit and gagged with a large rubber ballgag stuffed inside her mouth and sealed in with several strips of white medical tape.

The guards laugh as they leave the two teenage prisoners inside their cell. Emily looks at Ashley with an expression of excitement. It’s been weeks since she’s had any contact with anyone other than the guards, and Emily found a little comfort in the companionship of her new cellmate, even though the two are incapable of communicating with one another.

Emily begins to scoot close to Ashley. Ashley, unaware of Emily’s intentions, begins to lean away apprehensively.

“Mm mmph. Mmm mmm mmph mph mph hmm.” Emily tells Ashley from behind her thorough gag. Ashley looks at Emily with a confused expression as she cannot understand a word she is saying.

Emily nuzzles up close to Ashley and rests her face against Ashley’s cheek. Ashley’s eyes widen with confusion as she leans away from Emily slightly. Emily scoots closer to Ashley and begins to slowly twist her face into Ashley’s. One of the pieces of tape over Emily’s face begins to bunch up slightly.

The tape is extremely adhesive, but with enough effort, it begins to peel off of Emily’s face. One by one, each piece slowly begins to peel off, revealing the large ballgag stuffed inside of Emily’s mouth.

“Thewe. Phaph’s wmuph bewwew. (*Phew* That’s much better.)” Emily says from behind her ballgag. Emily works her jaw and rubs the ball against Ashley’s shoulder. Ashley looks around their cell in a confused manner as Emily tries to work out a way to release her ballgag with the assistance of Ashley’s shoulder. After a few minutes and some determination, Emily’s persistence pays off and her ballgag is dislodged from inside of her mouth.

The ballgag falls from Emily’s mouth and rests around her neck and collar. Emily adjusts her jaw to alleviate the soreness from her mouth being pried open for the past several weeks.

“Phew. That’s MUCH better.” Emily says as she continues to adjust her jaw.

“Hi, I’m Emily. What’s your name?” Emily introduces herself to Ashley in an excited and gleeful manner. Ashley just looks at Emily with a confused expression.

“Oh…right…” Emily says as she looks down at Ashley’s gagged face.

“Try to turn around. I’ll see if I can get some of these straps for you.” Emily says as she displays some of her own straps to Ashley to help her identify what she is referring to.

Ashley looks at Emily with an apprehensive expression, fearful that if the two are caught attempting to escape, that their punishment may be much more severe.

“Well… come on. The sooner I can get started, the sooner I can get you out.” Emily persuades Ashley. Ashley slowly begins to turn around so that she can position herself to make Emily’s attempts easier.

“All these straps are really, really tight and uncomfortable at first, but you start to get used to them after a few weeks.” Emily says as Ashley slowly rotates her body.

“The biggest problem is this orange material on our suits. It’s called…Sil…tex or something.” Emily explains while Ashley continues to position herself.

“I guess it’s some sort of super duper strong material that sticks to our bodies and can’t be removed without some sort of special solvent, and take a guess who the only person is who has access to it.” Emily continues to explain the direness of their situation to Ashley, with a surprisingly cheerful and optimistic outlook.

Ashley’s eyes widen fearfully as the description of her dilemma is explained. Now that Ashley is finally in a position for Emily to begin her attempt at loosening some of her straps, Emily continues to chat with Ashley as if they’ve known each other for years.

“Like I said, all these straps are pretty tight and excruciating at first, but the longer you stay in them, the more used to them you get. They really are quite snug and inescapable. Trust me…I’ve tried.” Emily says with a humorous chuckle. Ashley rolls her eyes as Emily continues to chat.

“Okay, sit up straight and maybe I can get this first one.” Emily says. Ashley is already positioned with perfect posture from the configuration of the straps and how tightly adjusted they are to her body, forcing her shoulders back and her torso straight. Ashley rests her knees on the cold concrete of her cell floor and leans back.

Emily leans in and bites down on one of the straps behind Ashley’s back, far out of Ashley’s reach. Emily tugs firmly on the strap as she turns her head in an attempt to unfasten the buckle that clasps the strap tightly.

“Wow. They REALLY strapped yours tight.” Emily says with the end of Ashley’s strap in her mouth. “I can hardly make it budge.”

Little do Ashley and Emily know, but their cell is outfitted with a hidden surveillance camera system that is monitored by a CCTV hub in the guards’ rec room, main office and throughout several other rooms of the prison, not to mention that a direct feed of every female prisoners’ cell is accessible from the Warden’s cell phone.

All eyes are on Emily as she attempts to loosen the secure belt from behind Ashley’s back. The act of removing Emily’s gag was not as severe a punishment as a thwarted escape attempt, so the Warden instructed his guards to standby as they awaited Emily’s fateful mistake, the attempt to release her cellmate Ashley from her strict bondage restraint. Now that Emily has initiated the action, the most severe of punishments could legally be administered to both Emily and Ashley.

As Emily continues to work on Ashley’s strap, the two helpless prisoners have no clue what is about to befall on them. A team of guards has been dispatched to their cell to not only catch the female prisoners in the act of escaping, but to punish them with swift and merciless justice. Thankfully, one guard happened to be only a few cells away as he was making his rounds when the call went out to catch the girl’s red handed.

Preoccupied with trying to release Ashley from her treacherous bondage, Emily doesn’t even hear the guard as he approaches the cell and opens the door. However, Ashley is immediately startled by the sound and turns around to find an extremely large statured man towering over the two teenage prisoners. Ashley’s heart races as she lets out a muffled scream of fear and a warning for Emily, but Emily continues to tug on Ashley’s strap.

In a split second, Ashley knows that her horrific situation is about to go from extremely bad, to even worse. She does not know what fate she and her cellmate will soon be dealt, but she knows she is in for a terrible life of inescapable restraint and unimaginable punishment.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Aug 15, 2023

Emily Ellis, huh? I definitely see which Emily is in her genes 😉 Now, if this proves one thing, it's that harness gags offer a *much* higher degree of security. Still, Emily's skills as an escapist are rather impressive. Albeit completely insufficient. Too bad 😈

Replying to

Agreed Part 2! 😍😍😍😍


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