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"Nightly Rounds"

As Jessica kneels helpless on the cold cement floor of her lonesome prison cell, she could hear the sound of the guard’s footsteps as he slowly stepped through the hallway of her secluded and obscure cell block. Jessica stares out the window of her cell toward the cloudy night sky that drapes over the miles of calm ocean water stretching miles in every direction.

The guard slowly makes his way through the cell block, pausing briefly at each prisoner’s cell to ensure they are held in maximum confinement. Jessica can hear his footsteps move closer and closer as he approaches the outside of her cell. The pale moonlight reflects off Jessica’s eyeglasses as she continues to stare out the window, reminiscing about her previous life of freedom. Each day, she could not bear to look at the guards as they passed by her cell. The embarrassment and humiliation was far too much for her to handle and the fact that she was under their complete control was something she had not yet come to terms with.

“Everything nice and secure in her prisoner? Heh heh.” The guard asks Jessica in a sarcastic manner. Jessica tries to ignore him and continues to look out the window.

“Oh, that’s right. You couldn’t answer me if you wanted to. Hahaha.” He remarks in a devious manner as he laughs maniacally. The sound of Jessica’s cell door ratchets as the guard yanks firmly on the door to ensure it’s still locked securely.

Jessica exhales anxiously through her nose as the large panel gag plastered to the front of her lips and face has her mouth sealed completely shut. The guard continues to chuckle as he moves onward toward the next cell in line. Jessica tries to stretch out her fingers inside the tiny mitts her hands have been encased in, but the fabric is much too resilient and she is forced to maintain a tightly bundled fist inside her restraint suit.

The sound of the guard’s footsteps begins to fade as he walks farther and farther away from Jessica’s cell. After several weeks of imprisonment, Jessica’s frustration begins to mount and she attempts to release herself from her bondage by struggling to get free. Being held in a completely restricted position without the ability to move any of her limbs at will is something she had never experienced in her life, but now it was her life. Though Jessica’s struggles are lively and eager, they are also futile and in vain. Her restraint suit had been designed to hold the most hardened and ferocious of female criminals, and poor, feeble Jessica is simply no match for her incapacitating and inescapable Siltex Restraint Suit.

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