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"McKayla's Photoshoot With The Master (Vers. 1)"

*Note: This image and story are an homage to the amazing work of one of my all-time favorite bondage riggers and producers, Jay Edwards. I recently purchased a bunch of his scenes from his site and felt inspired to create something in the vein of a prime Jay Edwards scene. If you’re a fan of bondage, it’s likely that you’ve viewed Jay’s work through his outstanding images or his full-length bondage videos and vignettes. I know that many of the fellow bondage artists that I’ve spoken with, as well as many of the bondage riggers I’ve commissioned for customs have been heavily influenced by Jay, his work and many of the incredible models that he was able to convince to be bound and gagged and at his complete control. Many of the greatest bondage models that the world has ever seen have worked with Jay and been featured in a number of his content. Girls such as Andrea Neal, Eve Ellis, Emily Addison, Alexis Taylor, Tyler St. James, Stacy Burke, Jenni Lee, Sarah Brooke (under the name ‘Jessie'), Jewell Marceau & Brittany Andrews (to name a few) have all been tightly bound, gagged and toyed with by Jay during his tenure as one of the all-time greats. Even many other girls that I’ve never seen work with other bondage producers other than Jay. Girls like Heather, Samantha, Natalie, Bambi Newberry, Cheyenne, Layla Rivera & Lana Lotts were all stunning captives who were among the list of beauties taken control of by Jay. This image and story are meant as a depiction of fantasy, as if my character McKayla Ellis were persuaded to take part in a bondage photoshoot by Jay, and this was one of the resulting sessions. The look and expression on McKayla’s face aren’t really that of a Jay shoot, but more or less from my own style. Pretty much everything else is inspired from the hundreds of outstanding scenes that Jay has produced over the years. I hope I was able to do his work some justice. While Jay did retire a few years ago, his website is still up and running with the ability to purchase clips and a membership that includes the entirety of his image sets and various preview clips to many of his videos.

Hope you enjoy.

The camera slowly fades from black to a well lit room with pristine white walls, matching carpet and various pieces of furniture and décor placed about. In the center of the room, McKayla Ellis kneels atop a black turntable with white shag carpeting that acts as an eye-pleasing aesthetic and as padding for McKayla’s knees. McKayla is very tightly bound and gagged in expertly positioned white rope and a large red ballgag that has been wedged inside of her luscious mouth. The straps of her ballgag pulled tightly behind her head and secured with a buckle to prevent her from removing the ballgag at her own will. A strand of rope has been wrapped tightly around McKayla’s waist and meticulously situated through McKayla’s vagina with a perfectly placed knot pressed firmly against her clitoris. A vertical steel pole has been bolted to the base of the turntable and positioned directly in front of McKayla. A single strand of rope is tied to an eyebolt on the pole with the other end tied to a black leather collar with a steel D-ring that has been wrapped around McKayla’s neck and throat, effectively symbolizing that she is nothing more than a bondage slave girl. At least for the remainder of her shoot.

The tall window blinds had been closed upon the session’s initiation, ensuring that the activities taking place inside the room would be concealed from the general public. McKayla struggles in her rope bondage, attempting to find a way to get out of it’s unrelenting grip, but the rope rigging was executed by a true professional. A master at his craft. This wasn’t the first time he’d tied a beautiful young woman in strict rope bondage, and it surely wouldn’t be his last. And while this was a regular occurrence for the shoot’s producer, this was McKayla’s first experience with a photoshoot of this kind. She had posed for various glamour modelling shoots, but nothing where she would be seen tied up and gagged while wearing very revealing and sexy lingerie.

McKayla’s ropes dig deep into her skin as she continues to struggle against their grasp. Her emotions are mixed throughout her squirming performance. She feels slightly humiliated by the situation she’s been subjected to. Bound and gagged and taken complete control of, with no possibility to resist or escape from this strict bondage session until it’s conclusion. She feels a hint of worry, making her wonder if she will ever be let out of her tight bondage. This rigger is a professional, and has worked with dozens of beautiful women just like McKayla. All of which gave outstanding references and reviews, but the thought still looms deep in the back of her mind. While McKayla feels humiliated and worried, she also feels a sense of arousal. A sensation she never would have imagined would come from a circumstance such as this. The tight ropes and the inability to release herself brings a sense of excitement to her. The thought of being unable to control her own body arouses her immensely. The bondage rigger can do anything he desires with McKayla at this very moment, and she is completely helpless to resist.

McKayla closes her eyes as she continues to struggle, moaning and whimpering from behind her ballgag. The camera changes angles to get a closeup view of McKayla as she struggles with her eyes closed. She twists and contorts her body as much as she can inside the unforgiving restraint of the soft white ropes. McKayla is blindly occupied with her struggling and is completely unaware that her subduer enters the view of the camera. He walks slowly behind McKayla as she continues to struggle with her eyes closed. His face remains hidden above the shot of the camera as only his dress shoes, a pair of dark denim jeans and the bottom half of his button down dress shirt can be seen in the view of the camera. He places her foot atop the turntable that McKayla is kneeling on and begins to spin her around slowly for his enjoyment and for the view of the cameras. McKayla opens her eyes quickly as she is initially startled when she feels the turntable begin to move, but continues to struggle in her ropes as she knows the site of her helplessness will please her master and the viewers watching upon her scene’s release. She looks up at her master with pleading eyes as he continues to spin her about. The camera is able to view the back of McKayla displaying a perfect shot of her tightly bound wrists and biceps. The backside of McKayla’s crotchrope rests perfectly between her buttocks as she grinds her hips slowly during her squirming.

The Master stands menacingly behind McKayla and places his left hand on top of her head. McKayla closes her eyes and squirms a bit as she nuzzles The Master’s hand with her head. The Master slowly squats down behind McKayla, revealing his face. He raises his eyebrow as he looks the beautiful McKayla up and down, admiring his handy rope-work.

“Looks like you didn’t go anywhere.” He says to McKayla in a nonchalant, somewhat sarcastic manner while tightening a few of McKayla’s ropes.

“Not that you’re supposed to.” He adds with a determined, no nonsense look upon his face as he reaches around to the front of McKayla and begins to fondle both of her breasts. McKayla closes her eyes yet again and begins to moan as she feels the firm grip of her captor upon her perfectly formed bosoms. The Master’s handmarks outline the areas where he had groped her helpless body intensely. The Master then brings his index fingers and thumbs to McKayla’s nipple and begins to twist them and tug firmly, causing them to quickly become erect. While McKayla believes that this is just another form of heavy petting to stimulate her with arousal, The Master has an ulterior motive. He reaches into his left shirt pocket and reveals a set of metal nipple clamps. McKayla’s eyes widen in fear and anticipation as The Master squeezes the clasp to one of the clamps, opening it up and readying it for application.

McKayla huffs through her nose as one of the nipple clamps is applied to her right nipple. She squints intensely and looks down at her bare breasts as the second clamp is applied to her left nipple. Her breaths become more intense as The Master tugs lightly on the chain connecting the two clamps together, positioning her nipples in an uncomfortable manner. Once the clamps are fully applied, The Master begins to grope McKayla’s body some more while she kneels helplessly at his control. After a minute of heavy petting and groping, The Master reaches back behind McKayla’s head and begins to loosen the strap to her ballgag. Once the strap becomes loose enough for the ball to be released from McKayla’s mouth, The Master removes the ball and let’s the ballgag dangle from her neck, ready to return it to it’s rightful location should McKayla verbally protest during her brief moment of restored oral freedom. McKayla adjusts her jaw as it has become sore from wearing her ballgag for so long. Just as she is about to open her mouth to speak to The Master, his right hand wraps firmly around her mouth, very effectively hand gagging her. She moans from under The Master’s hand and tries to speak, but his grip is too stern and she is unable to utter a single word.

“Uh uh, not a word from you. Do you understand?” The Master says. McKayla nods her head slowly and looks at The Master with doe-like eyes. He slowly unclenches his grip from around McKayla’s mouth and interlocks his index finger and thumb around the D-ring attached to the collar around McKayla’s neck. He pulls McKayla in close and looks her up and down for a moment.

“You know how to make me happy, don’t you?” He says before slowly bringing McKayla’s face close to his and proceeding to kiss her sensually. His free hand gropes one of McKayla’s bare breasts as she closes her eyes and reciprocates the erotic action by amorously kissing her master.

After a few moments of kissing, The Master reaches offscreen and grabs an artificial phallus with a threaded metal attachment and begins to screw it on the metal pole in front of McKayla’s face. Her eyes widen in surprise as she stares at the object while The Master spins it on top of the pole. The purpose of the phallus is quite obvious, considering it’s position in front of McKayla’s face. McKayla looks at The Master with an expression of humiliation after he finishes screwing the phallus to it’s pedestal. She says nothing as The Master stands tall above her with his hands on his hips.

“Well, I think you know what to do with that.” The Master says. McKayla scrunches her eyebrows in disgust as she stares up at him.

“I’m not going to tell you again. Get at it.” The Master instructs as he exits the view of the camera, leaving a lone, tightly bound McKayla with a degrading task at hand.

McKayla slowly and apprehensively brings her face closer to the awaiting object. She slowly separates her lips from one another and brings them to the tip of the rubber phallus and gives the object a soft kiss. How humiliating to be subjected to such a demeaning and embarrassing circumstance. Tightly bound in a kneeling position and forced to perform oral stimulation on an inanimate object, all for the enjoyment of her Master and the cameras. McKayla opens her mouth slowly and leans in forward to wrap her lips around the shaft of the phallus. Unbeknownst to The Master and his viewers, McKayla begins to salivate slightly, creating a form of natural lubricant. McKayla slowly bobs her head back and forth as she performs sensually on the rubber toy. The combinations of the tight ropes restricting her body and the act of being dominated and controlled by a man twice her age begins to stimulate McKayla. The unyielding rope between her legs presses firmly against her clitoris as she begins to feel the sensation of her hormones and endorphins rush through her body. The more she performs on the phallus, the more she begins to enjoy the action of pleasing her Master and his viewers. McKayla’s performance begins to intensify as she finds satisfaction and pride in her work. McKayla continues to perform outstanding fellatio on the rubber phallus while very tightly bound as the camera slowly fades to black.

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