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"Martyr Kombat: The Tables Have Turned"

Just moments before Commander Cage and General Blade were able to extradite Princess Kitana from Outworld to their base in Earthrealm, the two Special Forces soldiers were ambushed by a group of Outworld combatants. Led by Kitana’s most loyal servant and friend, Jade, several Osh Tekk and Tarkatan warriors were able to surprise Sonya and Cassie and a fierce battle then commenced. After several minutes of intense combat, the hordes of fighters were too much for Commander Cage and General Blade and the two Earthrealm warriors were taken captive.

The mother-daughter duo were quickly restrained in form-fitting Siltex Restraint suits and brought back to the depths of Outworld to be incarcerated in a secluded and treacherous dungeon. While Cassie and Sonya were outfitted in their restraint suits by a team of Outworld soldiers, Kitana and Jade were busy slipping into matching Outworld Enforcer uniforms for their imminent escorting of their newly captured prisoners.

Now that Prisoner Cage and Prisoner Blade were ready to be taken to their awaiting cell, Kitana and Jade approached their captives and grabbed them each by the arm to take them away to certain imprisonment. Tensions were mounting between Outworld and Earthrealm and the capture of Cassie and Sonya proved a suitable retaliation for their initial capture of Princess Kitana. Now that the girls were to be confined to Outworld, not even Raiden would be able to assist in their extraction due to his powers being limited only to Earthrealm. The fate of Sonya and Cassie lies in the hands of their fellow Earthrealm warriors, but how would any of them know where Kitana and Jade were holding them prisoner?

Cassie Cage, Sonya Blade, Kitana, Jade and Raiden are all property of NetherRealm Studios.

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