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"Introduction to Incarceration 7"

64 Bants Way, Brighton, Friday June 5th; 20:07

Several days later, aspiring fashion model Alexis Giovanni sits on the bed in her room and scrolls through some recent posts. During her scrolling. Alexis’ text messaging app displays a text from her good friend, and potential love interest, Beth.

“Hey Lexi me & some of tha girls are going to Liquid tonight U should come down” The text reads. Liquid is the hottest new club in downtown Brighton and a hotspot for many beautiful young women.

“OK love. What time you going? I can meet you down there or we can share a ride.” Alexis’ replies.

“Prolly around 9 theyre supposed to have this super sick dj then and dont want to miss him” Beth replies.

“8:10? How does she expect me to get ready and get there by 9?” Alexis asks aloud.

“K. I’ll meet you guys down there. I still have to get ready. What should I wear?” Alexis replies.

“Wear whatever you want youre going to look posh AF no matter what you wear” Beth texts back.

“How about that new black dress you bought? ;)” Beth asks, referring to a slinky, black latex dress that Alexis had purchased a few weeks prior but had yet to find the right occasion to wear it.

“Good thinking Love. I’ll meet you at the club around 9.” Alexis texts back as she gets up from her bed and sets the phone down on her vanity. She quickly takes off the tight white tee shirt and spandex yoga pants and stands topless in front of the mirror atop her vanity with only her sexy pink thong providing any bodily coverage.

Alexis looks up at herself in the mirror and does some minor posing before glancing to her left to spot the infamous latex dress draped down one of her clothes hangers. She smirks deviously as she pictures herself walking into the club squeezed into the tight rubber garment.

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Sep 11, 2020

@Mr.Metzger Thanks! Tried to make it look as close to dusk outside as I could. Definitely putting some more thought into lighting with this story. :D


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Sep 06, 2020

Sexy pic, great tease due to the DOF. Very nice and cozy lighting, too. Can't wait to see her wearing that dress, even if it means her fantastic ass is going to be covered ;-)


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