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"Introduction to Incarceration 21"

Brighton Police Precinct, Friday June 5th; 21:52

As Officers Cox and Hoskins enter the Brighton Police Precinct with a securely detained Alexis, the majority of the Brighton Police begin to clap and cheer in an emphatic ovation in support of their fellow Officers who were finally able to bring “The Stonebrook Sparrow” to justice. A local TV Journalist for BBC Sussex has been granted live shots as the ‘Sparrow’ is being transported, as long as she is able to provide Officer Samson live TV time and an interview.

“I’m here with Officer Samson of the Brighton Police who says he played an integral role in identifying the location and capture of ‘The Stonebrook Sparrow’.” The Journalist intros into her microphone.

“Officer Samson, what are some of the clues and tips that helped lead this prestigious police force to known whereabouts and ultimately the capture of this dangerous criminal?” The Journalist asks.

“Well Love, when you’ve been doin’ this for as long as I ‘ave, you start to get a kind of… 6th sense about it, idnit?” Officer Samson replies egotistically.

“I mean, ‘round ‘ere, we like to think of ourselves not as one Officer to another, but a ‘ole unit. One big team, y’know what I mean? Even though them two birds picked up the ‘Sparrow’, it’s like it’s a team effort.” Samson continues.

“I’m kinda like a role model to them girls and everything they’s learned ‘as come from me own noggin. So in a way, it’s like I captured the Sparrow, idnit?” Samson claims, knowing full well he did absolutely nothing to assist in the capture of Alexis.

Meanwhile, the precinct begins to calm down to it’s normal workflow as the trio of Giovanni, Cox and Hoskins continue deeper into the precinct toward the booking area.

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