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"Introduction to Incarceration 20"

Parky Road, Brighton, Friday June 5th; 21:28

Officer Hoskins lifts the handle of the rear door to her police cruiser and opens it while Officer Cox keeps a firm grip on Alexis’ bicep.

“Watchya head, Love.” Officer Hoskins says to Alexis as she places her palm on the top of Alexis’ scalp. She lightly presses down on Alexis’ head, insinuating to bend down carefully as Alexis is placed in the back of the police cruiser. One Alexis is in the back, Officer Cox closes the door behind her, then reaches up to her personal radio transmitter and keys the transmit button.

“7 x-ray 12 to dispatch…” Officer Cox calls on the radio.

“Go ahead x-ray 12…” The woman responds on the radio.

“Alright, we got her. She’s in the back of Hosky’s car. We’ll be bringin’ ‘er in shortly.” Officer Cox informs the dispatcher.

“Loud and clear, Cox. Dispatch out.” The woman replies with the sound of enthusiastic applause being heard in the background.

“I’m happy to ‘ear my superb sluethin’ skills ‘as rubbed off on you lot. We’ll all be waitin’ ‘ere for yahs when you bring ‘er back.” Samson says over the radio. The two female officers just roll their eyes and do not respond.

“Alright, let’s get this pretty little lady over to the Chief. He’ll be extra happy.” Office Cox says to Officer Hoskins as the two officers look into the back of the police cruiser.

“Yeah, we might even get a big bonus out of this…” Officer Hoskins replies with a sarcastic smile.

“What’d ya think? A thousand quid? I could surely use that right about now.” Officer Cox responds to Officer Hoskins' sarcastic statement with an equally sarcastic statement as the two officers share a laugh.

“Alright, I’ll be right behind you.” Officer Cox says as she pounds on the roof of Officer Hoskins’ cruiser before heading over to her own Police Cruiser to follow Hoskins back to the station.

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