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"Incomplete 2020 Scenes Poll"

For today’s update, I thought I’d do something a little different. 2020 was certainly a year that most of us are unlikely to forget for the rest of our lives. I could go into detail, but I think you all know the matters I’m talking about, and don’t need to hear it again from me.

Even though I was still fortunate enough to continue working my career throughout 2020, I was still bitten with the productivity bug in my 3D art creation. The last time I checked, I had created somewhere near 1000 scenes throughout the 2020 year, and am still working on completing some of the multi image stories that I started in 2020. Granted, some of these 2020 scenes are more complete than others. Some are fully done and have been rendered and the images posted, some have been rendered and the images not yet posted, some are near completion with a few minor details that need to be added or upgraded, some have several things that need to be added, and some are just a shell of an idea and never went any further than loading a character into a scene with a pose or a bit of clothing. People in the creative world say that it’s “very important to complete what you’ve started.” and while I agree, for me it’s often difficult to do so. Whether I begin to run out of time and have to go to work or sleep, or I get inspired by something else and want to make a quick scene so that I don’t forget my idea, or I am just not seeing the scene play out in 3D like I envisioned it in my head, there are a number of reasons that I start projects but don’t complete them.

2020 isn’t an exception to where I would create so many scenes and have a bunch that didn’t get rendered. That has been the case since I started creating 3D bondage scenes (hence why you've seen a surge of Throwback images). I just think it’s possible that I’ve gotten more efficient at creating scenes, even if they are just a character and a pose. That being said, I do still tend to spend a lot of time on my scenes and I often look back at some of them and say to myself “Gee, I spent hours and hours on that scene and never did anything with it. What a waste.” Which brings me to my idea for today’s post.

Recently I went through a bunch of the scenes created in 2020 and picked the 25 scenes that are the furthest along, I believe have the most potential or that I think you guys will most enjoy once they are completed. So, I thought it would be fun to hold a little poll and have you guys vote on which scenes you would like to see completed and rendered. Keep in mind, some of these scenes are further along than others, so there might be certain restraints missing, certain poses may need to be applied, even environments may need to be added in order for these scenes to be completed. What you are seeing is a work in progress with each of these scenes. So you might need to use your imagination a little bit. I’ve created a gallery for everyone to be able to see a preview of the scenes that are eligible for voting, each with a brief description of what is happening in the scene. Also, the images shown in the previews are that of the ‘OpenGL’ format (basically what I see when I am creating the scenes in the program I use) so you won’t see any depth, lighting, shadows, not to mention certain colors might look a bit different, latex/Siltex shininess might be affected or hidden completely, among other things. So really what I want you to look for is the overall vibe of the scene and use the brief description for each preview to help you get an idea of what’s happening. If you have questions, you can always ask too.

So with that, please feel free to head over to the ‘Polls’ section here at and cast your vote for which unfinished scenes from 2020 you’d like to see completed and rendered. You can vote for as many scenes as you like, but try not to do all of them as that will skew the results. Top 3 scenes with the most votes will get completed and rendered in the near future and the poll will be open until Sunday, April 18th at 12:00am EST. To be honest, there’s a couple on here that are some personal favorites, so I’ll likely be rendering them anyway regardless of their results in the poll.

Have fun and happy voting!


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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Apr 01, 2021

It's kinda mean we have to pick, there are quite some scenes among these I'd love to see finished!

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

Now you know how I feel, except times 1000 :D


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