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Illegal Posting of My Content

It was brought to my attention earlier today that someone was posting nearly 400 images of my content to a forum of some kind for free viewing. While I was investigating and filling out the DMCA report, I found another gallery with my content that was illegally posted to this forum. Let me be VERY clear; NO ONE has permission to the post my content ANYWHERE unless they have my written consent and it is being used for promotional reasons. NO ONE. I have contacted the site after reporting the galleries and they are in the process of extracting the i.p. addresses of 'shykln' and 'kook69' so that they can be banned from Martyr Bondage forever and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I feel like most everybody here respects that this project takes a lot of time, a lot of work and costs a lot of money so that I can to bring these images to you. Just go on to the store and search a few items to see what they cost. It adds up very quickly. Now just try to use the Daz program to render an image. Yeah, not as quick as you thought. This is really like a full time job, while still maintaining a career that demands more than 40 hours a week from me. I like to provide a download button for members to be able to save images to their hard drives to add to their collections, but that button can easily be taken away. I don't want a couple of assholes to ruin the experience for everybody. I know that a good internet friend of mine, and fellow bondage creator Michael Keye (who is also a member of this site) has been plagued with the piracy issue throughout his career. I'm sure he can tell you that as fun and exciting as creating content is, it's also very hard work and there is a lot that goes into it. He knows more than most people that it's beyond infuriating when you find that some clown is posting your work without your permission. So please, don't be that guy. Don't add to the cancer that has been destroying the bondage and fetish community for the last several decades. Not just for my sake, but for all the creators who make the amazing content that we've come to love. There have literally been creators that have committed suicide because piracy has ruined a career that they spent so much time and effort to build. Who's going to create new and exciting content once the bondagettes and riggers are gone because the bondage economy has dried up due to piracy? This is how the world works. If you steal, the place you steal from cannot support itself anymore. It has no choice but to close. Then you hop to the next place. Destroy that, until all of the places that support the product you crave are completely gone. Don't be selfish. Piracy kills.

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