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"I'm Not Sorry - Homage"

Seems fitting that with everything going on with Patreon that this would be my first post since I've come back.

I wanted to do an homage to what I believe is the greatest music video of all time. The song may not be the greatest in my opinion, but the visuals in the video are out of this world. Not to say that the song is bad, it really isn't, it just doesn't compare to the video.

Anyway, the song and video are by a largely famous female pop star and was recorded in the 90s. The song itself is basically an anthem that says "You can't tell me how to express myself, and I won't apologize for anything that I've done", which is 100% how I feel right now with Patreon.

The reason that I think this video is so spectacular is because it's LOADED with fetish content like armbinders, gags, spreaderbars and all sorts of bondage gear. Throughout the video, the pop star is wearing a skin tight, black catsuit! My favorite sequence comes during the second verse when she is seen chained down to a chair while being groped and mauled by two male dancers. Of course, I had to make the dancers female, and I used a bit more chains than the original. I also changed the captive's hair style, because that is probably my biggest gripe with the video. Other than that, this amazing moment in pop music history deserves an A+++ in my opinion. Normally, something like this would go into the 'Strict Sirens' gallery, but considering the circumstance, I wanted everyone to have a look. The name of the isn't actually called "I'm Not Sorry", just mere lyrics of the song. Extra points if you know what video I'm referring to ;)

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