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"Higher Standards - 27"

The blood begins to rush to Ashley’s head as she squirms while suspended upside down. The man continues to slowly walk toward Ashley in a menacing fashion. Ashley can see his satisfied grin as she continues to struggle to escape.

“Whaph do phou wanph wiph meh? (What do you want with me?)” Ashley questions from behind her ballgag, but the man says nothing. He just stands and observes the helpless Ashley as she squirms and struggles.

The man then pulls a roll of white medical tape from his pocket and begins to peel a piece off. Ashley slows her squirming temporarily, curious of what the man is up to. Ashley watches intently as she surmises that the tape is extremely adhesive based on the force the man uses to separate it from the roll and how a small piece of it sticks to his skin.

The man then tears a piece of tape from the roll, roughly 6” in length and places the roll back in his pocket. He grabs the tape with each of his hands and begins to slowly bring the tape up toward Ashley’s face. Ashley’s eyes widen fearfully as she can only assume what her captor has in store of her.

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