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"Higher Standards - 17"

As Ashley’s consciousness begins to increase, she begins to slowly piece together the drastic change from when she was last awake. She attempts to lift her hands toward her face to rub her eyes, but quickly realizes they are completely useless. Ashley’s curious nature and sheer survival instincts cause her to awaken much more quickly to investigate what is wrong.

“Whaph pha?!” Ashley questions as she begins to stir a bit more. Her body feels constricted in some way as she feels like her pink latex catsuit has been replaced with something much more restrictive. Ashley looks down at her body and is immediately greeted with shock and horror as she can see that her catsuit has in fact been replaced with a completely encasing suit adorned with a variety of straps and harnesses.

“Phaaa!” Ashley tries to scream but can feel that a large, fairly durable object has been wedged inside her mouth, preventing her from speaking clearly. She tries to adjust her jaw and can feel a stiff strap of some kind wrapped tightly around her head. Ashley’s eyes widen as her heart begins to race intensely from the uncertainty of the unknown. She begins to twist her torso around in desperation, hoping that some of the straps might come loose, but they are buckled much too tightly and much too securely, and the only thing that will move is the tight ponytail bundled up behind her head. Ashley leans forward as she tries to lift herself from the ground on which she sits.

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