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"Higher Standards - 1"

Ashley Anderssen, a young woman who is the potential recipient of an illustrious academic scholarship at a prestigious ivy league school is blackmailed after several images surface after a night of intoxicated indulgence. Ashley's blackmailer finds a creative way to collect his 'reward'.

Beautiful Ivy League hopeful Ashley Anderssen had applied to several prestigious schools across the country in hopes of getting accepted to one of the best academic schools in the world. Her GPA and extracurricular activities alone were enough to gain her admission, not to mention that her father was a wealthy businessman who had several important connections that could help make Ashley’s dreams a reality. There was just one problem, a potential scandal.

Several weeks prior to Ashley’s college applications, she had attended a private party that her current sorority had thrown. During which, Ashley had consumed a great amount of alcohol and taken several risqué and provocative photos and videos. Little did Ashley know, one of her sorority sisters who had taken some images of Ashley had her phone hacked, compromising many of the heiress' risqué images. All of the images were exported and stored for the use of blackmail against Ashley.

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