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"Gentle Jeopardy"

Poor prison inmate Ashley Anderssen stands alone in her cell, helplessly restrained in inescapable straps and shackles as she awaits The Warden’s orders to be released from this hell she knows as reality. Ashley tries to steady her breathing, but the Siltex hood shrink wrapped around her head squeezes her face tightly, making it extremely difficult to inhale through her nose.

“Pweaph! Wou’ve wade a huphe miphtake. (Please! You’ve made a huge mistake.)” Ashley insists from underneath her hood, but no one is in the vicinity to listen to her pleas. A simple contention by Ashley led The Warden to deem Ashley a “danger” to herself and the prison staff forcing her to be locked away and held in strict Siltex Restraint for the next 120 days by Federal Law. Should Ashley criticize the severity of her treatment upon her initial release after 120 days, a mandatory 180 day extension must be upheld by The Warden and his prison staff, as well as for each individual occurrence. Unfortunately for Ashley, she knows nothing of the laws and regulations that govern this prison, making a protest regarding her treatment nothing but inevitable.

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