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"Freebie Friday: Innocence Revoked"

Ashley Anderssen has had some close calls before while snooping around, but this time, her luck had completely run out. Roaming around a secure detention center quickly attracted the attention of the security staff and guards. Within seconds, Ashley was descended upon and taken swiftly into custody.

After an expeditious and corrupt trial, a deceitful and unscrupulous judge sentenced Ashley to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. To make matters worse for poor Ashley, the judge deemed her to be a danger to the wellbeing of the guards and other inmates of the facility. Ashley was condemned to the solitary confinement sector and labeled as a highly dangerous prisoner. A judgement that could not be appealed or overturned due to it’s severity.

Ashley was quickly taken to the lower levels of the prison and stripped of her pink, sheer clothing, only to be replaced by the security of a shiny Siltex restraint suit. Ashley struggled as her captors fitted her for the garment that would encase her body for the rest of her life, but she was no match for their strength and within minutes, poor Ashley Anderssen was completely immobilized.

Ashley’s protests quickly earned her the punishment of a large ballgag that was wedged inside of her mouth, strapped tightly around her head and locked securely at the top of her neck. She tried to shake her head to dislodge the obstruction, but the guards were professionals at their job and the ball was sunk deep in her mouth. Ashley continued to attempt to object to her treatment, which procured her with another addition to her silencing gag. Several strips of sticky tensoplast tape were meticulously adhered over her face, sealing her lips and ballgag into one perfect blend of skin and rubber. The tensoplast shrunk tightly to Ashley’s face making it completely impossible to utter another word. The only thing that could be heard from Ashley’s mouth were high pitched whimpers and desperate moans pleading for release.

Now that the guard’s job was complete, Ashley was left to struggle inside of her cell for the remainder of her sentence. A lifetime of Siltex imprisonment was the only suitable option for inmate Ashley Anderssen. She could do nothing but accept her condemnation at the hands of her captors’. The thick steel collar and Siltex mittens rendered the prisoner completely and utterly helpless. An appropriate fate for such a dangerous and beautiful prisoner like poor Ashley Anderssen.

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