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"Freebie Friday: Imprisoned - 1"

Mere hours earlier, petite coed Ashley Anderssen was just an average girl living the average life of a 19 year old college student when she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A simple misunderstanding has resulted in a chain of irreversible events that now finds poor Ashley secured deep in the treacherous confines of a diabolical prison where she has been sentenced to reside for the rest of her natural life. And worst of all, no one but Ashley’s captors and Ashley herself knows that she is imprisoned deep in this insufferable dungeon.

Securely shackled to the sturdy frame of a steel rack, Ashley has been locked up in a confining prison cell with only her restraints and a thoroughly mouth filling gag to keep her company. She struggles helplessly to escape, but her captors have her totally dominated and in complete submission. Ashley’s anxiety gets the best of her as she can’t help but wonder about the days, months and years that lie ahead. What kind of horrible situations would prisoner Ashley Anderssen find herself in as she endures a dreadful life of helpless imprisonment?

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