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"Freebie Friday 8: Please, Help Me!"

She had awoken in fear. Strung up in a cement room, wearing a black latex catsuit and leather collar, she tried to yell for help, but the large rubber ball and wide strip of medical tape silenced her pleas.

"Please, help me!" she shouted, but no one could hear her, and no one would help her.

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Sep 27, 2020

@Mr. Metzger Thank you! I've been using microfoam tape gags a bit more frequently now that I found a pretty decent way to do them. This one has a bit of a longer strip of tape than I normally use, so it wraps all the way around her head. She'll be nice and silent for a very, very long time ;)


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Sep 26, 2020

That's a very nice gag on a very pretty face. Love the expressive eyes! But you are right, nobody is going to help her. At least not in the way she would like to be helped.


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