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"Freebie Friday 18: Strictly Forbidden"

Poor Melissa found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the resulting consequences were nothing short of disastrous. Falsely convicted of a long list of devious crimes, she now finds herself imprisoned deep in the depths of a treacherous dungeon and confined to her very own inescapable Siltex restraint suit. Melissa’s neck and wrists have been locked firmly into a pillory secured to the back wall of her prison cell. Her legs are spread from the taut chains that are attached to her ankle shackles, also forcing her to stand on the tips of her toes. The ultimate showpiece and accessory rendering Melissa in complete helplessness is the large leather harness gag that has been strapped securely around all sides of her head, making her pleas for help nothing but muted, muffled whimpers. A thick leather panel covers Melissa’s lips and squeezes her face while simultaneously holding a large rubber ball attached to the back of the panel deep inside Melissa’s mouth. Sadistically silencing her with no possibility of freedom.

Melissa struggles in her restraints, but she is helpless in their clutches. She has no chance of escape and is left to endure her bondage for the remainder of her interminable prison sentence.

*Harness gag designed and created by friend and fellow captor of 3D girls Hutrin ( Go check out his page. If you like my art, you'll love his!*

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