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"For Her Own Good"

Anna kicks and struggles as two orderlies from Forest Grove take her away, into the depths of the unscrupulous insane asylum and to a place that she’d likely never be heard from again. Behind her, Anna’s boss shakes the hand of the unethical asylum director as they agree on a binding contract to keep Anna under lock and key and held deep in the abyss that is the cell blocks of Forest Grove.

Anna struggles ferociously in her tight, extra small posey straitjacket, but the thick canvas material is unyielding and holds her strictly in it’s confining grasp. The thick canvas crotch strap presses firmly into Anna’s vagina as she tries to squirm her way out of her jacket. Anna’s ankles have been strapped together with thick, leather humane cuffs and tethered together with a short leather strap. Even if Anna were able to escape her captors’ grasp, she wouldn’t get very far due to her inability to walk.

Anna’s initial moments of capture flash before her in the blink of an eye. So quickly that she is unable to process her predicament and comprehend the complexity of the situation she finds herself in. Instead, pure instinct kicks in and she is helpless to struggle in her restraints as she is carried away to emptiness. An existence of complete solitude and the inability to do nothing but squirm and struggle powerlessly in the unforgiving canvas straitjacket that has claimed her as it’s victim.

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