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"Final Hope"

On what was supposed to be a stress free trip overseas, poor Ashley Anderssen was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a heart wrenching case of mistaken identity, she now finds herself incarcerated and helplessly restrained in a treacherous foreign prison. Though Ashley’s captors had ensured an extremely thorough series of restraints to detain Miss Anderssen, they had missed one crucial oversight during her imprisonment; Ashley’s phone was left with her inside of her prison cell.

Much as her captors did not realize her phone was left behind, Ashley herself did not notice right away due to the sheer shock of her predicament and the extenuating circumstances she now finds herself in. But as soon as Ashley realized her captors’ mistake, she quickly began to crawl toward the one possible factor that might grant her release from this wretched place. If she could call one of her family members or friends, maybe they would be able to correct this horrible mistake.

But how would she speak to them? With her jaw pried open and her mouth stuffed with a large rubber ball, her lips sealed with the extreme adhesive of the sticky tape that was plastered over her face, there was no chance. Her only opportunity is to hopefully send a text message. Ashley bends down to try to touch her phone’s screen with her nose, the only possible part of her body capable of interacting with her phone, but her movement is cut short when the steel cuff around her neck digs into her throat. The chain tethering the cuff to the wall that has been secured throughout her restraints pulls taut and limits Ashley’s movement further. She tries to reposition herself and is able to just make contact with her phone to turn the homescreen on.

Ashley’s phone’s facial recognition software is unable to identify poor Ashley due to the extreme amount of tape that is covering her face, so she must resort to unlocking her phone via the security code. With each number pressed, the steel chain tethering Ashley to her cell pulls taut and Ashley is briefly choked by the steel cuff. Ashley is finally able to unlock her phone after several strenuous movements and rests a moment to catch her breath after 8 brief strangulations due to the steel cuff.

The phone’s screen illuminates Ashley’s prison cell, the only light in the room aside from the faint moonlight that peers through the barred window. Ashley glances to the top left of her screen at her service bar and sees that she has very minimal reception in the depths of this prison, but it should be enough to send her S.O.S. signal to her loved ones. She then looks over to the top right of her screen at the power display and sees that she only has 2% battery life left. Ashley’s eyes widen in fear as she finds that her only chance of escaping this horrible fate rests on a very limited time frame.

Ashley must move quickly. She musters the strength to begin to send her distress signal. She wishes that she had set up her emergency contacts in her phone, but had foolishly procrastinated enabling the feature, thinking she would never use it. Unfortunately for her, she needs it now more than ever. One press of a button could alert Ashley’s friends and family to her whereabouts and notify them that she is in trouble. Maybe one of them could reverse this horrible misunderstanding and release poor Ashley from this terrible fate she has been sentenced to endure.

Ashley opens the ‘text messaging app’ on her phone and selects several of her closest contacts. Each tap on the screen with her nose pulls the steel shackle firmly into her throat as the chain pulls taut.

“Help me” Ashley types a short message into her phone to try to save time, but just as she reaches her nose over to press the ‘send’ button her phone shuts off and the ‘dead battery’ indicator illuminates on the screen.

“MMMMM!!!!!!” Ashley screams into her gag as she realizes her fate is now sealed. Doomed to live as a helpless prisoner deep inside this horrible prison for the rest of her life. Ashley hangs her head in sorrow as her phone’s screen turns completely off and fades to black.

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2 comentários

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
21 de ago. de 2021

Well, thank goodness they didn't use clear tape or the facial recognition might just have worked ^^

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
22 de set. de 2021
Respondendo a

That's right, but I wonder if it would have been enough to drain that battery even faster 😏


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