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"Escort to Isolation"

She had no idea what she’d done. How she’d ended up captured, convicted and condemned to a life of strict bondage and inescapable incarceration. But she did know she was innocent. Every moment of every day since her imprisonment, Emma tried to plead with her captors that they’d taken the wrong girl. Made a huge mistake, but the massive apparatus stuffed in her mouth and the leather panel strapped tightly to the front of her face and all around her head made uttering any and all words strictly impossible. Emma could do nothing but whimper and moan from behind the thoroughly silencing gag.

After several months of confinement, Emma had been greeted by the Warden in her D block prison cell. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she was certain she would be pardoned of this horrific nightmare, but Emma was quickly crushed when news that she was to be taken to solitary confinement for the remainder of her life sentence shattered her hopes of freedom. The Warden instructed his guard to escort the dangerous prisoner to her new cell, several levels below the Earth’s surface and deep within the confines of the prison’s most dreadful cell block.

Emma fought with all her might to escape the lead that the guard had fastened tightly around her collar, but her Siltex suit and accompanying restraints tired her quickly. She was powerless against her fate. Helpless against the brute force of the guard’s strength as he pulled her deep into the abyss of the prison’s isolation block. It would only be a matter of time before Emma was taken to her final quarters; a heinous 4 foot by 4 foot prison cell carved out of the Earth’s crust solely for the purpose of detaining such wretched criminals as herself. A fate that only Emma knew she didn’t deserve, but a fate all too real and one that she’d been condemned to endure.

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