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"Escape Was Futile"

Years after a simple misunderstanding found poor Anna locked securely in the depths of a treacherous German prison and in the clutches of her very own Siltex Restraint Suit, a negligent oversight by a newly hired guard had finally given Anna the opportunity to attempt an escape from her horrific and unbearable life as a captive and incarcerated prisoner. But escaping the confines of this maximum security prison would not be easy. In fact, nearly impossible. It didn’t take long for the prison staff to discover that Anna was missing and once the alarm was raised, it was an all out foot chase to apprehend the voluptuous female inmate.

Anna’s restraints found her at a massive disadvantage when it came to fleeing her captors. The tight and restrictive way in which Anna’s arms were restrained combined with the various belts strapped tightly over her body made it extremely difficult to move at a quick pace. The guards were quickly gaining on her and it would only be a matter of seconds before Anna was again in their clutches and on her way back to her confines of the prison. Only now, her life would be different. An attempted escape would surely be met with harsh and strict punishment at the hands of the warden himself. A risk that Anna had been willing to take, but now overcome with regret knowing the severity of her fate.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger

Her gagged and worried face looks *so* good! Now I wonder what her punishment might look like... 😈

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr

Only a matter of time for her to experience it 😁


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