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"Encased For Pleasure"

Zooey struggles and squirms, but the confining grip of her latex suit holds her tightly in script captivity. The shrink wrapped feel of the rubbery garment squeezes her body tightly, giving no possibility of escape. The large ball plugging her mouth is sealed in by the strip of industrial strength adhesive plastered to her face and underneath her latex hood.

Zooey’s hands are squeezed tightly in a pair of latex mitts and strapped tightly behind her back, solidifying her into strict bondage. Her legs are also strapped tightly together at her thighs and ankles, restricting her to a standing position with the help of the taut chains locked to the top of her hood. Her clear boots provide a peek to her red polished toenails and her helplessly secured feet.

Zooey tries to escape, but her bondage is much too much for her to escape from. The strict straps and squeezing rubber provide Zooey with a perfectly tight cocoon of latex bondage, a fate she deserves and desires at the hands of her captor.

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