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"Dark, Damp Places - 16"

Ashley squirms furiously as she makes one last desperate attempt to escape her cocoon prison. A plethora of red, shiny eyes glare at her as she wiggles inside the sticky silk wrapping. Ashley’s instincts cause her to attempt to let out a horrific scream as the spiders descend upon her with great speed. She can feel their legs as they crawl over her and inspect their prey. Ashley inhales deeply, stretching the spider webs out with very little give. She exhales through her nose to try to calm herself as she can feel her heart racing at a speed she’s never felt before. As she tries to inhale again, she can feel that the webbing has tightened to a perilous constriction. All of Ashley’s struggling has caused the cocoon to contract and shrink extremely tightly around her body. She tries desperately to breathe, but the silk has tightened to the point where it has absolutely no flexibility.

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