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"Dakota's Lengthy Sentence"

Dakota inhales deeply through her nose and sighs as she exhales. The convicted prisoner bites down firmly onto her ballgag as she shifts her body in an attempt to make her position more comfortable, but nothing could alleviate the discomfort and helplessness that Dakota would experience throughout her sentence.

Taken into custody mere days ago, Dakota maintained her innocence throughout her arrest and ensuing trial, but when in the hands of a corrupt judicial system, Dakota didn’t stand a chance against the inevitable; A swift guilty verdict with an accompanying maximum penalty life sentence in one of the world’s most horrifying and corrupt prisons. Spirebrook Penitentiary.

Located in the middle of a lost ocean, Spirebrook sits atop a small island mountain hundreds of miles from civilization. Within minutes of her arrival, Dakota was taken to the prison’s intake and promptly outfitted with a custom designed Siltex Restraint Suit, heat shrinked around her body to match her exact proportions. A series of complicated shackles and straps were then applied to Dakota’s suit, sealing her into imprisonment for good.

Once there was no chance of escape, Dakota was quickly removed from the intake unit and forcefully brought to her cell block toward her awaiting cell. There, Dakota’s ankles were tethered to the floor by a thick steel chain. Dakota struggled and protested as her horrific fate of life imprisonment loomed only moments ahead. Dakota’s protest enticed the prison’s guards to silence Dakota with a large black ballgag, stuffed deep inside of her mouth with the straps pulled tightly behind her head.

Dakota was now completely helpless. Securely shackled inside of a maximum security prison hundreds of miles from friends and family in an undisclosed location where no one would ever find her.

The dire reality of Dakota’s situation is finally beginning to sink in as Dakota begins to struggle. The guards watch for a moment before they close and lock the steel barred door to Dakota’s cell, sealing her into captivity for life. Nothing short of a miracle could free Dakota from her horrific new life as a helpless prison inmate. Forced to endure the subjugation of her inescapable Siltex Restraint Suit and the accompanying chains and shackles that hold her in place. Never again would Dakota experience the freedom that she had always taken for granted.

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3 comentarii

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
01 oct. 2023

Going by how great she looks in her new home, I think Dakota totally deserves her sentence 😁

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
05 oct. 2023
Răspunde utilizatorului

That's 2 out of 3. Seems her objections just got overruled. Bring the microfoam tape! 😈


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