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"Completely Encased"

Amanda squirms in the tight latex that she’s been encased in, but the slinky rubber grips every millimeter of her luscious body from the top of her head to the bottom of toes. The overpowering scent of latex fills her nostrils as her rubber hood clenches her head tightly. Her elbows have been welded together behind her back, ensnared in the tight single-glove armbinder and straps that have rendered her arms completely useless. Thigh high, stiletto boots caress her shapely legs from the tips of her toes to the thickness of her thighs, just below her pelvis. While the combination of the strict posture collar wrapped tightly around her neck, the equally tight corset squeezed around her waist and her latex hood make it difficult for Amanda to breathe, but she powers through and continues to struggle. At this point, her only opportunity for release would come from the hands of someone else. Completely encased in latex, Amanda has no chance of escaping her bondage on her own. Unfortunately for her, there is no sign of anyone coming to grant her that luxury. The luxury of freedom that she may never experience ever again.

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