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"Cladurday: That One Time MartyrBondage Predicted The Future"

This week's Cladurday comes as kind of an interesting post.

Just yesterday, I was roaming through the many pages of the internet (as one does) and decided to visit a latex discussion site that I have saved in my bookmarks. I hadn't visited the site in quite sometime, so I thought it might be interesting to check out what new things might have materialized in the last few months since I've been in quasi-hibernation. The site mainly focuses on celebrities wearing a variety of latex garments. Some good, some terrible, but is kind of more of a fashion blog as opposed to a fetish blog (I use it for the latter).

Anyway, I scrolled down a little bit to find a thumbnail of Pop Music Superstar Katy Perry donning a skintight latex catsuit dressed as Elastigirl from the Pixar animated franchise 'The Incredibles' during an American Idol Disney event of some kind. Immediately, I stopped scrolling and clicked on the thumbnail to find a series of images and video clips of the wonderful Miss Perry encased in latex and an unfortunately horrid brown wig, but a plastic looking hair piece wouldn't deter me from saving a voluptuous young woman like Katy in skin tight latex to my hard drive. No sir.

Being that we live in an age where pretty much everything is photographed or caught on video, I decided to try to scour the net for images or video of Miss Perry wearing the latex, but without the wig. Maybe in a behind the scenes or 'getting into makeup' kind of thing, but I was sadly unsuccessful. But while I searched, something came to me. "Why do I feel like I've seen this before? Except without the shitty wig. Didn't I post an image of some celebs wearing latex 'Incredibles' suits? Wasn't Katy Perry one of them?" So I immediately signed on to and sure enough, there she was along side Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, dress in skintight latex wearing an Incredibles outfit.

This made me wonder when Katy actually dressed herself in such a fetishy attire. Sure, the post showed up on the latex blog back in May, but there have been many times these sorts of things get missed for weeks, months or years. This could have been 2018 for all I knew. So I did some research to find that the episode was in fact aired on May 14th of 2023. I don't know whether it was live or taped, but either way, if it were taped, these types of shows tend to air within weeks of the taping.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, it's not really. But it's interesting to me that Katy decided to wear an Incredibles outfit for an event that did not pose any sort of Halloween or costume theme and was merely a "Disney Night" (whatever that means). Granted, it looks like Miss Perry dresses in full "Disney costume attire" each year that this is done (I don't follow Katy Perry or American Idol, so I have no idea what any sort of significance this has). But what's also interesting to me is that Katy could have chosen any sort of material for the costume. Cotton, spandex, lycra, whatever, but she chose latex. Considering that American Idol likely holds a 'General audience' rating for television, I would say that latex is a bold and risky choice from a TV execs point of view. Not sure that Disney or ABC wants any sort of association with fetish attire of any kind. Granted, according to the information I've found, American Idol's May 14th episode (again, the night this was aired) gained the highest ratings of the season. Hmm. I wonder why.

But let's say Katy did choose a Cotton material instead. If I saw this, I still would have been like "Holy Shit! I think I did that in an image." because she is wearing a skin tight catsuit made to look like an Incredible. That alone is an Incredible coincidence (see what I did there?). But the fact that she chose latex makes it that much more of a crazy coincidence to me.

I will say, it's good to know that Katy Perry is doing her part by regularly viewing to get inspiration for outfits and looks for future events (as all other female celebs should). Fingers crossed one of her tours involves some sort of arrest sequence and she comes out wearing a skintight Siltex Restraint Suit. Granted, it might be difficult to sing with a thorough and mouth filling gag, but I think it's safe to say that most of us are more interested in her cans than her pipes.

Obviously, I jest. I know I didn't "predict the future". It's more of a joke because I used to see so many people posting things about how 'The Simpsons' "predicted the future a number of times" as if it's some sort of messianic message. But whether you wish to believe that Katy Perry got her inspiration from, I hopped in my DeLorean and traveled to the future to get inspiration for my image or that this is just some sort of crazy coincidence (Yeah, right, I'm sure that's it) I still thought this was a fun little post for today's Cladurday. I hope you'll agree, and here's to more latex catsuit clad hottie like Miss Perry in the near future. Cheers.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Aug 26, 2023

You know, IF she should ever go... or rather be carried onto the stage in a Siltex suit, bound and gagged — that's when I'd pay a fortune for the ticket and a backstage pass! :-D

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Oct 05, 2023
Replying to

I would quit my job and volunteer to be part of her stage crew. Hell, I would take out a loan to pay her to let me be a part of it lol


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