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"Clad-urday: K² 5.1"

Recently, I had stumbled across a few props and techniques that ultimately inspired me to work on one of my recurring characters. This is a character that I’ve been trying to perfect even before I started using Daz and was still utilizing SL. She was one of the first characters that I created when starting to use Daz and has since gone through many updates and evolutions. To me, this is the closest I’ve gotten so far, as she is kind of a culmination of a previous version and updated skin textures and head/face shapes.

So without further ado, I bring you ‘K² 5.1’. I say 5.1 because this is the fifth version of this character that I’ve created and altered in Daz and I made a few adjustments since the 5.0 version. I spent a bit of time downloading various images of all kinds such as front, back and sides of both face closeups and full body shots. Several torso shots and of course, that famous backside. So that I could import them into Daz and use them as references when shaping this character. One of the things that I noticed was that depending on the time frame and even what clothing she was wearing, her body did change quite a bit. In some shots she had a thicker frame and some she was quite thin. Much thinner than I even realized when creating previous versions of the character just using my memory of what she looks like. So, I tried to get kind of a happy medium and pull from an era where I believe she looked the best.

With previous versions, I generally used my typical makeup technique with other characters of mine by giving her glossy, reddish lipstick and light blueish eyeshadow. But from what I can tell, she rarely uses this kind of technique in real life. She tends to use dark eyeshadows (like browns, purples and blacks) and dark, more matte-like lipsticks. This isn’t something that I normally take notice of, being a man and all, but I felt it necessary to really pay attention in order to get the most accurate representation of the real-life woman. I also took notice of her eye lashes. While the lashes used in the 5.1 character aren’t 100% accurate to what she is known for, they are the closest thing that I had and are within about 85% I would say.

Expect to see more images of 5.1 in the future with plenty of Siltex and restraints to accommodate her. I will likely make small alterations to her as time goes, but for now, this is the most accurate version of what you will see going forward. I hope you enjoy her.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Sep 12, 2021

Boy, that ass really pushes the envelope 😅

Her face looks really great though and I hope it still supports the biggest of gags at your disposal.

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Sep 23, 2021
Replying to

This pose kind of pushes her butt out a bit more than what she looks like just standing. Probably the thing I am most not happy with in this image. I think it looks more 'natural (if you want to call it that)' when she is just walking or standing. But, I liked the way that this front view looked and I certainly couldn't show off a new K² character without showing off that famous backside 😉


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