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"Chloe's Captivity"

The newest inmate to find herself incarcerated deep in the cement walls of Black Stone Internment Prison, Chloe drools helplessly as the firm leather gag between her lips pries her mouth open and muffles her pleas for release.

The buzzing sensation of the vibrator secured perfectly in place at Chloe’s pelvis forces her to slowly and unwillingly grind her hips into her tight and secure crotch strap. With her arms welded behind her back, Chloe can do nothing but squirm in her Siltex Restraint suit as she stares helplessly into her own mirrored face, which stares back in fear. A constant reminder of the fate she is now to endure for the rest of her life. A helpless and forgotten prisoner locked deep in the hallows of the world’s most heinous and inhumane prison, with literally no chance of release or escape.

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