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"Captivating in Captivity"

22 year old college sophomore Nikki had lived the typical life of an American young woman. She infrequently attended most of her dental hygiene classes in between partying on a nightly basis and spending time with her dorm mates. Until one afternoon when she responded to an ad on an online dating app catered toward early twenties college women, who were required to have a certain level of attractiveness in order to join. Nikki certainly had no trouble accessing a membership to the service and decided to take a gamble on finding a partner with whom she could please and satisfy.

But, Nikki was too quick to jump into the dating pool and got more than she had bargained for when she neglected to read the fine print in the services ‘terms and conditions’ section. It seems as though she had agreed to an indefinite lifetime of slavery at the hands of the highest bidder. Little did Nikki realize, wealthy men and women were taking turns bidding on possession of Nikki while viewing her profile and uploaded pictures. Once the auction had ended, the “dating service” had employed a group of skilled kidnappers to collect Nikki, like they had numerous times in the past with other young ladies.

Now, poor Nikki finds herself thousands of miles from her home and in the possession of her new master. Nikki’s clothes have been discarded and her hands and fingers have been squeezed into tiny latex mitts and her wrists locked in steel handcuffs that have been restricted to her lower abdomen via a tight leather belt wrapped around her waist. The waist belt has been secured to her cell wall with a heavy chain that is locked behind her back. Nikki’s neck has been locked into a secured steel manacle that has been chained to the ceiling, while similar manacles have been locked around her biceps and chained to her waist belt. Nikki’s ankles have been manacled as well and linked together by a short steel chain ensuring she won’t be walking around much. Finally, Nikki’s pleas for release have been silenced by a thick, cloth cleave gag that has been wedged firmly in between her lips and tied tightly behind her head.

Nikki scans the area in hopes of some sort of means to escape, but her aspirations of freedom are quickly crushed as the reality of her new life of captivity quickly sets in.

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