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"Candle - Tricked and Trapped"

Get your very own copy of “Candle - Tricked and Trapped” along with over 200 photoshoot images, available NOW only at Jim Weathers’ website!!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to present yet another one of my bondage customs featuring one of my absolute all-time favorite bondage models. A model that truly transcends our community and (in my opinion) has been one of the leading women in the bondage world, the outstanding Candle Boxxx.

I have been wanting a custom from Candle for several years now and I am extremely pleased to finally announce that this has come to fruition. To be honest, the custom video featuring Arielle Lane and Paige Erin Turner was initially meant for Candle, but ultimately ended up featuring those two models instead of Candle. But I can truly say that the wait was worth it. Candle has done nothing less that outstand me in the several years that I have been a fan of her. Her goofy, offscreen attitude is a refreshing demeanor in the often all too serious world we live in. But Candle certainly knows when to be serious and when to turn on the charm, and I can say that the same rule applies in my custom video.

Needless to say, the producer/rigger of this custom, Jim Weathers, has been a pioneer in the bondage world and arguably the most successful bondage rigger and producer ever. This scene with Candle is just more evidence to back up that statement. Jim’s attention to detail in every aspect of this scene shows why he was the perfect choice to request a custom with the amazing Candle Boxxx. Jim and Candle’s report and chemistry with one another is displayed throughout this scene, even though Jim is never displayed on screen in the video. That’s how strong their professional relationship shows in my eyes. Of course, I cannot express my appreciation for this scene without mentioning Jim’s wife and makeup/hair artist, Jewel Evans. As with every model that has graced Jim’s work in the past 15-20 years, Candle’s hair and makeup looks so professional and glamorous and really helps boost the sex appeal and the overall look of the scene. A job that I think is very often overlooked and under-appreciated, but is a key element to making the videos and images stand out above the rest of today’s bondage productions.

The scene opens with Candle excitedly entering a bedroom wearing a very sexy full body stocking with a red and black latex corset, a pair of black latex gloves, black latex panties and a leather collar. In the middle of the bed sits a brown box with a label reading ‘Restrain-O-Matic 3000’ and a note addressed to Candle sitting on top. Candle picks up the note and begins to read it aloud;

“Dear Candle, please take a minute to follow the instructions provided inside the box. A captivating reward awaits you.”

Candle claps her hands in excitement and begins to open the box to view the owner’s manual. After a moment of viewing, Candle begins to pull out a leather apparatus from the box. The apparatus is adorned with some straps, buckles and laces and catches Candle off guard.

“What exactly is this thing?” Candle asks as she observes the leather garment by spinning it around in her hands.

Mere seconds later, Candle is seen tightly frogtied in many feet of white rope due to the automatic restraint function of the Restrain-O-Matic 3000. The leather garment Candle had been pondering over turns out to be a small leather armbinder that has snuggly confined her arms into a perfectly bundled position behind her back. A tightly tied and perfectly positioned crotchrope has been pulled tightly between her legs with a duo of meticulously positioned knots pressed firmly against her clitoris and vagina. Tied to the crotchrope is a cylindrical plastic tube of some kind. Several coils of rope have been wrapped around Candle’s neck and attached to the back of the layers of ropes adorning her torso. A red ballgag is seen dangling around Candle’s neck.

“Oh no. What have I gotten myself into?” Candle asks herself as she begins to struggle in the tight ropes.

After some time struggling, Candle looks down at the ballgag dangling around her neck. Confused by it’s purpose, she says “I wonder what this thing around my neck is for?”

Seconds later, the ballgag is seen in Candle’s mouth with the straps pulled tightly around her face and buckled securely behind her head. Candle continues to struggle and gag talks from behind her ballgag while she attempts to escape her inescapable predicament. After several minutes of struggling and gag talking, a single strip of microfoam tape is placed over Candle’s ballgag and her lips, silencing her even more than she had been before.

Candle continues to struggle when her ballgag and microfoam tape are replaced with a leather panel gag. As poor Candle’s predicament begins to intensify, she can do nothing but struggle in her tight bondage and silencing gag. During her struggles Candle comes to the realization that the cylindrical tube tied to her crotchrope must be the release mechanism for her bonds and attempts to engage the switch to be released from her tight restraints. Unfortunately for Candle, she quickly finds out that the tube attached to her crotchrope is actually a powerful vibrator. The tube begins to buzz as it sends quick oscillating vibrations through her crotchrope and to her vagina.

After a few more minutes of struggling, Candle’s panel gag is replaced with an eight-buckle Bishop style panel gag, but with just the ballgag and the leather panel removed. The vibrating cylinder between Candle’s legs still buzzes away as she continues to struggle in her inescapable restraints. The red rubber ball of the Bishop gag is sunk deep into Candle’s mouth as she tries to speak during her struggles, making every word garbled syllables of distress.

Candle continues to struggle as her predicament is brought to the height of her misfortune when the panel of the Bishop gag is buckled over her face, covering her lips and the ballgag that is wedged inside of her mouth. The vibrator continues to hum as Candle attempts futility to escape her tight bondage. Candle moans and gag talks throughout her bondage as the vibrator continues to buzz with no signs of stopping, bringing Candle to orgasm as she struggles to escape the inescapable.

I’d like to send my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Candle Boxxx, Jim Weathers, Jewel Evans and anyone else who might have been involved in creating this custom for me. It’s truly a dream come true for me to finally have a custom bondage video and images with Candle, and especially to have Jim and Jewel provide the production for it. I seriously could not be happier with the results of this custom!

Get your very own copy of “Candle - Tricked and Trapped” along with over 200 photoshoot images, available NOW only at Jim Weathers’ website!!

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