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"Besties 4 Life"

Bestfriends in one life and imprisoned cellmates in another, Ashley and Nicki find themselves in an inescapable dilemma while incarcerated overseas in a treacherous prison. Not only have the two beauties been falsely convicted of several crimes, but they now reside deep in the sublevels of the world’s most diabolical correctional facility. To make matters more helpless for the two prisoners, they have each been fitted for their very own Siltex restraint suits consisting of tight straps and harnesses, chains and shackles and an irremovable latex-like material that has been adhered to their skin. The two helpless prisoners struggle in their bondage and moan from behind their silencing gags, but they fight their restraints in vain, because there is no chance for these two prisoners to escape their new life of strict imprisonment. Their fate has been sealed.

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